Laura is the Founder of The Light Leaders Academy, Emmisary for the Sacred Feminine, Channel for Mary Magdalene, Ceremonial Goddess Guide & Womb Rebirther
The Light Leaders Academy offers intuitive conversations & energy work, Akashic Records Certification Classes, Women's Healing Circles, Heaven On Earth Circle, Women's Retreats
Laura is the founder and Creatix of Light Leaders Academy. I was gifted by the Divine Creator a vision of creating a heart centered community based on the principles of Love,Truth, Respect, Compassion, Peace and Unity. As a young child I held this vision in my heart for many years experiencing many awakenings on the path of ascension. In 2008, I re-connected with my true heart's desire to serve and guide others on their path of ascension using my gifts of the spirit as a teacher, channel, multi-sensory intuitive and healer.
As a Master Akashic Guide I have a special gift of helping others to access the portal into their Akashic Records. The Light Leaders Academy is a school of light mastery for those souls who want to embody their highest expression of light and destiny on New fifth dimensional earth.