The Lake County Animal Shelter provides for public safety and animal welfare. The shelter promotes responsible pet ownership, reunites lost pets with their families and helps people select a new furry friend.

Lake County - External Social Media Terms of Use:

Thank you for following Lake County on social media. The purpose of providing social media communications is to coordinate communication between the Lake County Board of County Commissioners and citizens, business owners and visitors regarding county services, goals, objectives, events and accomplishments.

The Lake County Board of County Commissioners’ official Facebook page is Other official pages managed by Lake County include:

Additionally, the official Twitter accounts for Lake County include:

People who follow or “like” these pages may expect regular posts covering some or all of the following:
• News releases and links to stories about Lake County
• Information about special events and upcoming meetings
• Alerts, announcements and time-sensitive updates
• Shared content from organizations that partner with Lake County, offer resources for the convenience of users, or that may be of interest to our followers
• Job postings and vendor bid announcements
Comment Policy

The county welcomes followers to share their thoughts and feedback in a responsible and courteous manner.

While it is the goal to share ideas and information with as many people as possible, the County reserves the right to hide or remove prohibited content in any and all posts or comments, and ban any user who violates county’s social media terms of use.

The County’s terms of use are in place to encourage open discussion and civil discourse, and to prevent users from disrupting dialog in a way that impedes the purpose of these social media sites.

The following types of comments may be hidden or removed.
Comments that:
• contain obscene, indecent, vulgar or profane language or content
• ¬contain hate speech, or content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination of protected classes
• intend to defame any person, group or organization
• contain sexual harassment or violent content, or content that bullies, intimidates, threatens, personally attacks or harasses any person
• make or publish false, vicious or malicious statements concerning any employee, the county or its operations
• promote or endorse commercial services or products; or advertisements including promotion or endorsement of commercial services or products
• suggest, conduct or encourage illegal activity
• may compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems
• disclose confidential, sensitive or proprietary information
• ¬are multiple, repetitive and off-topic by a single user (“spam”)
• are not topically related to the particular posting
• violate a legal ownership interest of any other party such as copyrights or trademark infringements
• ¬promote or oppose particular services, products
• promote or endorse political issues, groups or individuals, political organizations, or candidates
• link to or embed links to other internet sites
• all of the above guidelines also apply to comments which include links to external sites, videos, photos, memes, animations, or animated gifs.

Repeatedly posting prohibited content will be cause for banning a user from participating on any of Lake County’s official pages. Users who repeatedly post material that falls into any of the prohibited content categories will be banned from participating on any Lake County-hosted social media sites.

Comments posted to any of Lake County’s Facebook pages do not represent official statements or opinions by Lake County, nor does Lake County endorse or support any comment or user participating on Lake County’s social media pages. Retweets, links, shares, likes, favorites and follows made by Lake County do not constitute endorsements.

Comments or any other posting made on Lake County’s social media pages are not considered official communications with Lake County. Not all comments or postings may warrant a response from a representative of Lake County. To contact Lake County with general inquiries, email To request a public record, email

Comments or posts that are considered a violation of the County’s External Social Media Terms of Use will be subject to an internal review process before being removed.

In the case of a fire, police of medical emergency, dial 911.
All content is subject to Florida Public Records Law.
Availability and Frequency

Social media postings can be expected regularly on weekdays during normal business hours, except on holidays. The number of postings per day, per page, may vary. Lake County’s social media pages are not managed 24 hours per day or 7 days per week. Because social media servers are hosted by a third party, Lake County accepts no responsibility for its social media networks becoming unresponsive or unavailable at any time.