Kroening Interpretive Center

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The Kroening Interpretive Center is part of the North Mississippi Regional Park, a partnership btwn Minneapolis Park Board and Three Rivers Park District Hidden behind the Route 94 freeway wall, this regional park will captivate those lucky enough to stumble upon it. The park offers spectacular views of the Mississippi River and the surrounding woods and prairie. Here you will find abundant wildlife in action: a Great Blue Heron nesting on an island, deer browsing forage, a beaver felling trees, hawks and eagles soaring overhead. In summer, the prairie flowers provide ever-changing color. Walking trails meander through the prairie and along the shores of the river. Bike trails traverse the park and connect with Webber parkway and commuter routes into downtown Minneapolis. There is a fishing pier in the extreme northern segment of the park. Further south, there is a play area featuring a wading pool, a state-of-the-art playground, and picnic tables, grills and shelters. A fishing pier and boat launch area are located in the southern part of the park.