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This Facebook page is independently operated by a group of volunteers to be utilized as another outlet of the public information which is released by the Borough.

Facebook is not a branch of approved official Borough publication notifications, yet. This page exists for convenience purposes only.

The information listed on this site is accurate at the time of posting. Most if not all of the information is taken directly from the Borough’s official website.

We will often share pictures, events, and other community related items upon request through a private message.

All messages will be answered to best of our ability, or we will direct you to the appropriate direction to get the information you may be requesting. We do not monitor this site 24/7, so it may take some time to reply to your request.

If you see a post from a user that you feel is inappropriate, please notify us as soon as possible for our review. Sometimes things do slip through the cracks and may go unnoticed.

This page is not to be used as a political tool. Political postings will be removed at the sole discretion of the moderators and the poster may be banned. Posting is a privilege, not a right.

Rude, vulgar, argumentative, offensive, disrespectful, foul, foul language, harassment, bullying, private unapproved advertising, sexual, misleading, or any other inappropriate posts, or posts that we feel are from fake or misleading accounts, will be removed and the poster may be banned from the page at the sole discretion of the moderators.

Although this is not an official Borough page, members of the Borough Council and Borough Officials do read the posts and often reply the best that they can.

We're sorry for this long list of "rules," but incidents from the past pretty much forced us to notify users of the community standards that we follow.

Thank you for following our page and remember to invite your friends to do the same.