Jefferson County Commission's vision is to be a model local government that anticipates and meets the evolving needs of a diverse community with energy, character, dedication, and accountability.
We've created this social media page for our residents, businesses, and employees. This page is an extension of our community outreach initiatives and is designed to notify viewers of upcoming meetings, events, and future initiatives as well as to inform viewers about outreach efforts and plans.

The Jefferson County Commission is the governing body of Jefferson County. The five Commissioners are elected from five districts within the County for four-year terms.

To learn more about the Commission, visit their page here:

The County Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of Jefferson County. More information on the County Manager's office may be found here:

To report a problem, use our action center, located here:

For information on other County facilities and services, please follow this link:

Information on Cooper Green Mercy Health Services may be found here:

Information on the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office may be found here:

Information on the 10th Judicial Circuit may be found here: