A secure & confidential extreme textile lab. We do 3D /4D knit R&D for many top brands (Fortune 10 and Fortune 100) from medical to aerospace, to shoes.
At Fabdesigns, Inc., we know visionaries choose the road less traveled. That’s why, for 28+ years, we haven’t just developed products - we’ve brought people and ideas together from across the globe.

Our company is focused on technical textile product development and bringing clients, vendors and manufacturing partners together, to inspire more development and manufacturing of innovative and sustainable 3 dimensional products with nearly zero waste. These projects build jobs, good business, and save tons of post-production waste that go into landfills around the world.
We provide confidential development of IP of the hard stuff, first to market innovations. We don't advertise who we work for as part of our typical NDA agreements and our own company policy. We are the "sandbox." Companies work with us to prove their concepts, feasibility, and business plans before investing in expensive machinery and taking their existing employees to play hit or miss with advanced technical R&D.
Fabdesigns is most known for being a secure and confidential engineering environment of extreme textile projects for footwear, film, wearable tech, medical, military, aerospace, home furnishings, solar, integrated technology & successful 3 dimensional advanced knitted textiles with integrated functions. We blend art and science to make the next generation of sustainable and outstanding products.

We build products from the fiber up.