We are a full holistic center offering, reiki, shaman healing, and other methods. Plus classes and a beautiful gift shop. We are open 7 days a week.
Reiki involves the practitioner placing their hands on or above the body in various positions, while manipulating energy field centers.

Reiki is not a massage, there is no rubbing of hands on a clients body.

Reiki will never cause harm to any sort of medical treatments, or conditions a client might have or medications a client might be taking.

Reiki practitioners are not medical doctors, and therefore will not diagnose medical conditions, nor claim to be able to miraculously cure illness or disease.

Reiki treatments are done with the client fully clothed. You will never be asked to remove clothing other then your shoes. You will be lying down on a massage table so try to wear comfortable clothing. (You can also be sitting up in a chair if preferred).
Reiki itself is a Japanese technique used to enhance healing of the physical body, as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual realms or state of the body.

Reiki is used frequently for stress reduction, relaxation, serenity, well-being, self-esteem, and for faster recovery from illness or injury. Reiki seems to have no limits to the possibilities and positive results attained by a person receiving Reiki treatments.

Reiki is a natural and safe method of energy healing which has vastly beneficial effects on it's recipients. It works in conjunction with any medical treatment or therapeutic treatments as a phenomenal compliment to promote recovery.

Our other healing modalities also offered through Enchanted Forest Reiki Center are also used in similar ways for holistic helaing purposes. It's a matter of finding which practitioner and style you prefer.