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Welcome to Elite Goalkeeper Camps where we are inspired to work together with Soccer Clubs and Goalkeeper Academies from around the world to build a strong network of independent soccer coaches that take player development seriously.   Director Stephen Swanger has a proven success record of building coaching and product brands in the Pacific Northwest since 2016 and has coached 1000's of goalkeepers throughout his career.   Interested in FREE soccer skills and goalkeeper training? REGISTER HERE!  - Free soccer classes with The Tacoma Lions   Teaming up with EGKC for development of strikers is Tim Bartro. Tim Bartro (wikipedia) has a storied past in US Soccer. Throughout a 14 year professional career (statistics) in the NASL, MISL, AISA, and CISL he played at the highest levels the United States professional soccer (video) had to offer. he holds a USSF B coaching license and has coached professionally for over 30 years.   Learn more about EGKC coaches at: https://www.elitegoalkeepercamps.com/     Elitegoalkeepercamps.com is founded on the philosophy that independent coaches and players have to work together to increase accessibility for players to quality coaching and products for all communities to increase opportunities and pathways to success by providing free websites to coaches and student athletes who seeking to grow their own soccer brand. If you  have any questions please contact director Stephen Swanger by email: elitegkusa@gmail.com    

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