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David Sandercott Meditation & Holistic Healing

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David Sandercott Meditation & Holistic Healing
912 10th St, Arcata, 95521, CA, United States

"The Meditation Coach" . What would your Life be like if you had more ... ● Happiness ● Prosperity ● Clarity ● Abundance ● Love ● What would you Feel like if you could... ● Perform Better ● Sleep Better ● Look Younger ● Meditation does all these things and more. Pretty amazing isn't it? The High Quality Meditation I teach works 100% of the time with 100% of people, 100% guaranteed. So long as you do 100% of the work. ----------- ► TYPES OF CLIENTS I SERVE: ----------- ❶ Business Owners ❷ Executives ❸ Entrepreneurs ❹ Athletes ❺ Coaches ❻ Nurses ----------- ► WHAT DO I DO FOR MY CLIENTS ----------- I help, Conscious Business Owners, Open Minded Executives, Virtual Entrepreneurs, Stressed Out Nurses and more... ❶ Eliminate Stress and Anxiety ❷ Learn Mastery over their Mind & Emotions ❸ Manifest more Business, Clients, and Cash Flow. ----------- ► HOW DO I SERVE THEM? ----------- Programs proven to work: » Meditation Boot Camp » 40 day Meditation & Abundance Journey ✰ Meditate ✰ Magnetize ✰ Manifest✰ » Meditation Retreats » 1-on-1 Meditation Training and Spiritual Business Coaching » Tuesday Meditation Class And finally... »Reconnective Healing a very special form of Energy Healing that can: »Repair damaged DNA. »Return you to an optimal state of balance. »Peak your Performance. »Reconnective Healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. ----------- ► UNIQUE EXPERIENCE ---------- I've trained closely with one of the worlds greatest Guru's Steven S. Sadleir for the last 10 years learning Shaktipat and Kundalini Meditation. Meditating for 20 years. Today my focus is using my expertise in ~ Kundalini Meditation ~ Jhana Yoga and Reconnective Healing to help you live an optimal life. ---------- ► UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE --------- I believe you can have Freedom & Peace. I believe we can all live together in Happiness & Peace. Meditation is the key to creating Peace on Earth. Would you be interested in finding deeper meaning to your life ? While systemically learning tools and techniques that will help you? → Create Time Freedom → Be Happier More Often For No Reason At All → Manifest More Prosperity With Less Effort and much more... If you said yes the Meditation is for you. The tools and techniques you will learn work 100% of the time with 100% of people so long as you do 100% of the work. ----------------------------- » URGENT PROBLEM: ----------------------------- You know there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing... It's not like your a dead beat... You have your life together your a Professional, you own a home ! You … Exercise Eat Healthy Read Books Take classes to better yourself. You might even already Meditate. Still you have not found what you are looking for. Have you ? If you are ready to make a shift read on… ----------------------------- » URGENT SOLUTION: --------------------------- My Proven To Work 100% of the time... ► ►Meditation Boot Camp◄◄ ...even if you have never Meditated ... even if you have Meditated a lot in the past ...even if you just can't seem to stop your mind ...and even if you are a really,really busy person ----------------------------- » YOUR NEXT STEPS: ----------------------------- Book Your "Success With Meditation" ” Coaching Session You can book a session here. https://live.vcita.com/site/davidsandercott "David's Meditation Boot Camp is Life Changing" Marica - Retail Business Owner

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