Luxury real estate specialists in Scottsdale, Arizona. Bloom Van Omen Luxury Estates's chief assets are information, interactions & experience. Together, they are also the source of the value we create for our clients. Our team offers a collaborative approach to real estate for buyers and sellers. Our ability to leverage the experience & expertise of more than one real estate brain is integral to the competitive advantage we bring to a buy or sell transaction by simply having more resources to tap, more people, more ideas, and more perspectives. You and every other consumer have unique personal preferences. We are deeply respectful of this. Our collaborative process is an all access pass to the depth of experience and cumulative real estate wisdom we have. You get to benefit from our diversity and expertise in the various Scottsdale hyperlocal markets as well as our technical savvy. The meteoric rise of social media & technology has had a significant impact on traditional real estate marketing, and some agents may be better at it than others. We are confident in our execution and have full-time marketing strategists, technologists, graphic designers on staff. Our team shares each other’s strengths and fortifies each other’s weaknesses. We fulfilled 120+ requests in 2016. Everything is catered to our clients' preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements. We're ready to fulfill yours! Call Andrew TODAY to schedule your complimentary home buying or selling consultation. 480-526-4601