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Bike Elf provides refurbished bikes to children and young adults in East TN who earn them through participation in programs with partner organizations. Bike Elf is the brainchild of Dewayne Wilson who grew up in the 1960's in Humble, TX. The third of four children, Dewayne lived on his bicycle from first thing in the morning till the street light came on and his Dad called him inside in the evening. Dewayne's bike represented his freedom and his independence. On his bike, he could go anywhere he wanted without anyone's assistance. Dewayne rode neighborhood streets, trails in the woods, and the 15 miles to Kingwood (the next neighborhood) to see school friends and girlfriends. In December 2014 the only Angels left on the Salvation Army Tree at Starbucks in Maryville were kids who wanted bikes and Dewayne decided that he could not imagine growing up without a bike. By December 31, 2014 his goal was to scour garage sales, Craig's List, etc. and have 100 bikes refurbished to give to children in East Tennessee by Christmas 2015. On January 5, Dewayne bought two bikes off of Craig's List and when he told the folks about his plan they donated a third adult bike. Dewayne drove to Maryville to pick the bikes up that afternoon and Bike Elf was born! The purpose of Bike Elf is to offer bicycles to children and young adults in East TN who might not otherwise have access to one. The bicycles are GENTLY used bikes that are donated and refurbished by Bike Elf. All Bike Elf bicycles are given to recipients who have “earned” them, through participation in programs with partner organizations. Distribution of Bike Elf bicycles is currently done through the Boys and Girls Club of Blount County, Boys 7 Girls Club of the Smoky Mountains in Sevierville, and Wesley House Community Center in Knoxville. From our original goal on January 5, 2015 to provide 100 refurbished bicycles to East Tennessee children by Christmas, Bike Elf’s growth and accomplishments have astounded everyone involved. For more information about Bike Elf and our programs visit our web site at Please message us on Facebook or call us at (865) 336-2967 to talk about donating your bike(s), making a cash contribution or volunteering to help us refurbish bicycles.

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