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Bar Fluxus

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Bar Fluxus
18 Harlan Place, San Francisco, 94108, CA, United States

Bar Fluxus ART MUSIC DRINKS at Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco BAR FLUXUS @ HOTEL DES ART, SAN FRANCISCO, CA An artful quirky cocktail bar located in the ground floor of the Hotel Des Arts. With rooms showcasing the contemporary works of emerging artists from around the world, the Hotel Des Arts is located in the heart of San Francisco’s French Quarter. At the crossroads of Union Square, the Financial District and right next to the great gates of Chinatown WHAT IS FLUXUS? The term Fluxus was first used by George Maciunas, on an invitation to a 1961 lecture series at the gallery A/G in New York. Implying flow or change in several languages. In 1962 he decided to turn the focus of his lecture into a magazine and a series of publications. FLUXUS is a more of an artistic state of mind than an artistic style. George Maciunas: the father of Fluxus says,” “Fluxus Art is a fusion of Spike Jones (Musician) Vaudeville , Gags, Children’s games and Duchamp.” ART is LIFE; LIFE is ART is an attitude that embodies the FLUXUS State of mind. Bar Fluxus is about connecting with friends and strangers in an environment that tickles the curiousities of modern life. Happenings, Live Music, DJ's, Art and Drinks. See you soon!

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