Alaska Attachment & Bonding Associates (AABA)

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Alaska Attachment & Bonding Associates (AABA)
619 S Knik Goose Bay Rd, Ste J, Wasilla, 99654, AK, United States

Alaska Attachment & Bonding Associates' mission is to support healthy family attachments and bonds through education and advocacy. To help wounded children with emotional/mental health disorders. Children Diagnosed with mental health issues, such as RAD (Reactive Attachment Disorder) touch the lives of many, from parents, teachers, social workers, mental health/medical providers, child care providers, police, attorneys, and judges. Attachment Disorder occurs when bonding is interrupted between the infant child and the parent (or primary care giver). The most common cause of disruption is emotional or physical neglect of the child.Severe mental illness or drug addiction by the mother sometimes results in neglectful parenting. Other causes of disrupted attachment include: physical and sexual abuse, or abrupt transfer of the primary cargiver (Many adopted or foster children have attachment disorder). Most standard parenting techniques do not work with children who have attachment issues: in fact common interventions are often counter-productive. The challenges of day-to-day life with an emotionally traumatized child often leave parents at a loss of what to do, believing their only choice is to look outside the community to an out-of-state facility when they are unable to find help or services in their community. AABA provides two workshops a year on attachment disorder, a bi-monthly Newsletter, telephone/email support referral/resource information, web-site, parent support group, lending library.

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