A2K Pelham Bay Fitness Boot Camp
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A2K Pelham Bay Fitness Boot Camp

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The #1 Ladies Fitness Bootcamp program in the Tri-State area! So, we all know the story I am about to tell. It's New Year's Eve. You're all excited!!! The ball is about to drop and like everyone else you just KNOW this is going to be your year!! 1st resolution... "I going to lose that weight I've been meaning to get off" or"I'm going to focus on my health, wellness, and fitness this year"! (I can hear the collective gasps from the audience to the beginning of this familiar story! But it's just the beginning...) You join XYZ gym and hit it hard! 5 days a week you go "HAM", never looking at the scale cause you want to see REAL changes. So you wait till the end of January... and VOILA!... You've lost 2 pounds! And you say to yourself, "Okay, muscle weighs more than fat so we're definitely going to get it this month!" Not to be deterred, you get back in the gym and as if it was automatic, cause you mean business, you get through this month and absolutely ASSAULT your workouts! To the tune of.... GET READY FOR THIS... another whole pound! At this point you are totally confused... and a bit discouraged. You've got the sexiest bikini staring you in the face every morning while you're getting dressed... you've killed yourself in the gym... and your boyfriend is mad that you'd rather spend time with a ab roller than him! But... but, you really, really, REALLY want to look your best this summer, or lose "X" amount of weight, or just want to feel better! So... the next day your back at the gym. But... it's just not the same. The first week of March your leaving the gym 15 minutes earlier than normal. Week 2 has you missing the gym entirely for the first time in two months. Week 3, well... you did go that one time on Wednesday for 15 minutes. And finally, by week 4 you've got better things to do with your time! And the dream... is over. The bikini spends the summer with tags on it, instead of on you... Sad right!? All the while you're wondering, "What went wrong??" Meanwhile, that year long gym membership you had... goes right out the window! Literally, 75% of the money gyms make are from people who aren't even there! The reason why people fail in gyms is because they have the right tools... but no system to effectively use them in. In fact, I've seen people who were in very good shape spending 2 and a half hours a day at the gym when they could've gotten the same results in an hour a session! And I don't know about you but I'd be ecstatic if I had another hour and a half added to my day! Where do I sign?? Fact is, even these "well put together" people suffer from not having the right information and system in place to OPTIMIZE their success! And what's worse... we trainers literally weren't even allowed to help these people achieve what they came to the gym for on that blustery, cold, January 2nd day! Why, you ask? Cause they did not pay the gym for use of a personal trainer! This...THIS STORY... is EXACTLY why I left the gym as a trainer! It drove me crazy! And this brings me to our vision... At A2K Training and Fitness we strive to achieve a number of things for ALL who are interested in in living a healthy, fit, and high quality lifestyle. First of all, we achieve GOALS! WE WANT TO HELP PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR GOALS! Otherwise what would be the point! Goal-oriented fitness should be a must for ALL fitness enthusiasts. After all, it is difficult to achieve anything in life without a concrete goal. Our trainers at A2K help you to crystallize and envision your goals. Then we give you a plan, based on science, to achieve those very goals! We see a world where all who choose to, can easily attain each of their fitness goals. Secondly, we want the opportunity for ALL to be able to afford the guidance and expertise of a personal trainer! We live in a society where everything seems to get more and more expensive. It is a shame with the obesity epidemic that we have in this nation, that some people's only reason at times for not being well and/or fit is cause they can't afford it. So we at A2K strive to do our best to provide the most "cost-effective" fitness program around! In this way, we hope that one day we can be a part of the reason why many have lived longer, fuller, healthier lives! And last but certainly not least... WE HAVE FUN DOING THIS! Cause everything is easier with a smile on your face. Our fun, but challenging atmosphere, group outings, and yearly A2K cruises do just that! From our Basic Ladies Fitness Boot Camps, to our Bridal Fitness Boot Camps, to our Healthy Mommy Fitness Camps, to our Youth Athletic Fitness Camps... our vision is for everyone who chooses us to reach new levels of achievement setting the foundation for many other achievements to come. This is our vision. A2K Ladies Fitness Boot Camps are dedicated to making the expertise, knowledge, and structure of personal training to the average individual. Where personal training has typically been pricey for the average individual, A2K programs are not! Our program is completely systematized and designed for goal achievement! No guesswork! We figure out EXACTLY what you have to do to reach your goal, whatever that goal may be. Our programs address the 5 major components of fitness. (Flexibility, Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscle Strength, Muscle Endurance, and Body Composition). We achieve this using a combination of Muscle confusion, Pilates techniques, Interval training, Fitness Boxing, Cardiovascular routines, Fitness games, proven Nutritional Guidelines, and much more. We also track weight and measurements over your time with us including (Body fat%, Lean Muscle Mass, Resting Metabolic Rate (calories burned at rest), Body Water%, and Bone Mass%). We never have the same routine twice during a cycle. Our camps run on individual revolving 5 week cycles and are 3-4 days a week depending on the location. The camps are $200 for a new client, with some additional required fitness equipment that you will need to make your progression throughout the program. You will also receive a welcome packet with great information to help you be successful. There are also many promotions and discounts available to ALL our clients all throughout the year!! Including a fantastic Join with a friend, Incentive, and Referral program! Where you can receive your training at 50% off or even FREE! Always be sure to ask about them! Nutritional and Supplementation Guidance is available at no extra charge! And most importantly of all... You have 24/7 access to your very own personal trainer! All you have to do is show up and the rest is done for you!!! For all inquiries and questions call at (845)893-3514. How will you look in 5 weeks... 10 weeks... 15 weeks??? Join the A2K Team Pelham family... THE TIME IS NOW!

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