Not Your Average Joe's 6

Saturday  21 January  2017  9:00 AM    Saturday  21 January  2017 3:00 PM
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Last update 23/01/2017

Teams of 4 (2 men/2 women)
(Team members must train at the same gym)
The competition will consist of 3 workouts. Workouts will be announced 1 Week prior to the competition. Workouts will be designed so that most Not Your Average Joe's
will be able to complete as required.

Deadline to register is January 14th by 3pm

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Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF
121 Liberty St, Danvers, 1923, MA, United States

Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 21/01/2017 01:26
All set up and ready for Joes!

Mark Cotreau Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 11/01/2017 16:31
ATTN: Only 3 more days to sign up for Not Your Average Joe's to ensure you get a shirt! Sign up now!

lululemon Portsmouth Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 10/01/2017 17:47
Hey All, We are excited to be joining you at 2017 Not Your Average Joe's! Please let us know the product styles you are interested in - write your faves below! Looking forward to cheering all the athletes on!
Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF
-- 10/01/2017 17:47
mens kung FU!!!!!

Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF Commento inserito tramite Facebook
-- 09/01/2017 23:18
Not Your Average Joes 6 Workouts are announced!!! Teams of 4 / Represent your gym! 2 Men & 2 Women Event 1 - Bells Up, Row Down AMRAP in 8 Min Team members can alternate though between areas at will. Area A: Starting from Team Training Station. 1st Team member Double KB (35#’s) Overhead Carry across black top to Front Squat station. 10 Racked front squats. Double KB Overhead Carry back to Team Training Station. 3 Burpee penalty if bells touch the ground 2nd Team member Hold their KB’s (53#’s) in approved position until partner 1 get’s back 3 Burpee penalty for a KB hold violation Score 1 = Max team full rounds and partial rounds combined. Area B: Row For Calories One team member at a time row for calories. Score 2 = Total Team Calories Event 2 - Floating Thrusters 8 Min Time Limit Area A: 1 RM Max Thruster 1 Person at a time can attempt a Thruster Must be taken from the floor. No racks or Help. Can power clean or full clean weight. Movement will be judged starting from below parallel to locked out overhead. Each team will have a mens and women’s bar Each team will have 2-45, 2-25, 2-15, 2-10, 2-5, 2-2.5 Team members can help load and unload barbells Area B: During the 8 min: Rope Hold 1 Person must be off the ground on a rope. Standard is to stay off the ground. Do not need to climb to the top. Each team get’s 2 ropes One team member cannot come off the rope unless another one is clearly off the ground 3 Burpee penalty each for the team if all 4 Team members are touching the ground Score3 = Each team members heaviest thruster added up for one team weight. Event 3 - Grip Gone Bad 3 Rounds (15 minute) 1 Minute at each station Double KB Thrusters (35# bells) KB Russian Swing (53# bell) Box Jump (20”) Double KB Push Press (35# bells) Battling Ropes (both ropes through full range of motion) One team person works at a time Team moves through exercised together. Alternate as often as desired KB’s move through the stations with the team. KB’s cannot be put down 3 Burpee Penalty on the spot per team for a KB hold violation. Score 4 = Total Team Reps At the end of the workout 3 second countdown for final team challenge Each team member hold one KB in front of body Men hold one 53# and women hold one 35# Score 5= Last team member standing hold time
Treehouse School of Fitness/NSCF
121 Liberty St, Danvers, 1923, MA, United States
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