Northern Tier Wrestling Presents: The Nikki Baker Tribute Event

Sunday  17 February  2019  2:00 PM    Sunday  17 February  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 07/03/2019

On February 17, 2019, Northern Tier Wrestling will present the Nikki Baker Tribute Event featuring a remembrance of Nikki’s life, and Pro Wrestling matches from some of the best talent the Northeast has to offer. All gathering in one place for one purpose of helping a family in need during the Christmas. The event will take place at the VFW in lovely, Sayre, PA.
It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. The last ten days have been a whirlwind of emotions for myself and a lot of the people around me.
A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Jeff Thomas about doing a memorial show for his late wife Nikki Baker, who passed away recently in tragic fashion.
I told Jeff I was willing to do the event but wanted to make sure it was done in a sensitive fashion and not treated like a typical wrestling event. I also wanted there to be more fundraisers as a way to generate money for him and their beautiful daughters. Pro Wrestling is great, but sometimes it doesn’t always bring in what is expected so it was important for me to get that on the table as soon as possible.
At times we have all had issues with how Jeff has conducted himself with people in Wrestling and I would be hard pressed to ignore that. In his heart, Jeff Thomas is a good person who legitimately cares for his family, and most of all he truly loved Nikki deeply. You can be good people and still struggle with how the wrestling business is and the people involved. This is that case here, but I can’t let it be understated that the only thing Jeff loves almost as much as his family is Pro Wrestling. He tries harder than most, and despite his shortcomings has some very valuable qualities that help a Pro Wrestling promotion.
NTW was started in part by Jeff Thomas who was able to fund a lot of what he did with Nikki’s permission and blessing. And while not a huge fan of it, Nikki was very supportive and understood aspects of the business that some who have been in it for many years don’t get it.
Northern Tier Wrestling,LLC wouldn’t be in business today if it weren’t for Nikki. Of course the other partners did their part to make it happen but without Jeff and Nikki the puzzle wouldn’t of been complete. Chances are it would never of gotten off the ground.
4 days before she fell ill Nikki and Jeff were telling me how they wanted to do a big show in Owego this Summer and wanted to get Jerry Lawler for it. I knew Nikki had to be smacking Jeff in the head like she often would for his blunders but she was on with it that point, no one even knowing she was ill. That was my last interaction with Nikki through Jeff.
That’s how quick life can change on a dime. Our dreams can be altered in a moments and after dealing with Spike and Glen I was hoping we wouldn’t have to do this sort of thing for a very long time.
But we have to a family and brotherhood we all claim this to be. Moments like this are where we prove it to ourselves and everyone else who balks at what we do.
I specifically picked 3 days after Valentine’s Day because on that weekend people will be full of love for what they have ...and who they have it with. In this day it’s so important to appreciate that and for the most tragic of reasons this is why. Jeff loved Nikki more than life itself so I honestly couldn't think of a better weekend.
Nothing about this will be easy but I genuinely hope to see you all at the Sayre VFW on February 17, 2019 as we say goodbye to a great person and an even better Mother and friend.
Nikki and Jeff this one is for you!!
p.s. We are also looking for more fundraising events for not only this but for other events we can do as well -Bake sale, raffle, 50/50, dinners, silent auction - ect, ect

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