Mindful Meetups: Pilates Fundies

Sunday  2 October  2016  5:45 PM    Sunday  2 October  2016 7:15 PM
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Mindful Meetups are experiential classes focused on fostering connection with yourself and others who are committed to mindful living. In this Mindful Meetup, you will dive into the first series of "The Pilates Fundies" with Master Instructor Marylee Bussard.


The simple act of focusing on the breath is known to have tremendous benefits for the autonomic nervous system, offering a direct means for shifting out of a state of hyper-arousal and into a more relaxed state of being. Did you know that breathing is also essential to the the biomechanics of your core? Contrary to common perception, there isn’t only one “right way” to breathe. In this experiential workshop you will experience different types of breathing, and come to understand how different types of breathing benefit different activities. Learn also how to recognize and correct faulty breathing habits, and why we develop these habits in the first place. Drawing on insights from her book “Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core” (Lotus Publishing, 2016), you’ll explore how cutting-edge developments in our understanding of the core are changing the way we work out. This 90-minute experiential class includes lecture, movement, meditation, and discussion.

Suggested cost is one regular drop in class, or pay what you can.

About The Pilates Fundies:
"The Pilates Fundies" are 15 healthy movement principles, distilled from the scientific literature and packaged into fun lessons that include lecture, discussion, and movement. This is essential knowledge for anyone who wants to stay physically active for the long haul. This is the first in a monthly series on the Fundies of Healthy Movement.

Marylee is the founder of Chaturanga Holistic Fitness and her purpose in life to to help people move more skillfully so they can prevent avoidable pain and injury and enjoy life more fully.

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