Milemarker / Sweet Cobra / The Poison Arrows

Saturday  20 August  2016  2:00 AM
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9pm / $12 (advance), $14 / 21+
Sweet Cobra
The Poison Arrows

Formed 1997 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Al Burian, Dave Laney and Ben Davis, MILEMARKER quickly gained recognition in the independent music scene for their explosive live shows and adventurous instrumentation. The band became known for its combination of post-hardcore punk with new wave electronics, and found a solid touring line-up. MILEMARKER returned to the stage in 2015 with Lena Kilkka on synth/vocals and Ezra Cale on drums. SWEET COBRA, a trio of Chicagoans that make some of our favorite skull-crushing rock, has remained a cornerstone of Chicago's heavy music scene for over ten years now. Consistently bashing us against the wall and throwing us to the gutter, SWEET COBRA combine plodding, ominous riffs with thunderous drums and caveman vocals, turning it up to 11 for a whole new level of ass-kickery. We haven’t seen THE POISON ARROWS since 2010, so we’re stoked as hell to have them back. Featuring members of DON CABALLERO and ATOMBOMBPOCKETKNIFE, the trio is awakening from their several year hiatus to kick this show off with a mind-melting mix of mathy post-punk. The band even manages to throw dashes of electronic music and hip hop into their ambitious songs without sounding corny or contrived, which is no small feat. This is the real shit -- don't miss a minute of it.

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