Meeting Of Styles Fundraiser Party

Tuesday  30 August  2016  7:00 PM    Tuesday  30 August  2016 10:00 PM
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Meeting Of Styles SF 2016!!

Meeting Of Styles is an international festival collective based in Germany, with over 30 participating countries across the globe.

San Francisco Meeting Of Styles is the official, sanctioned event in the United States. It is a multi-day live-art festival of music, art and culture, considered to be one of the nation’s most anticipated free outdoor live art-walk and graffiti events on the west coast. Over 1000 artists from around the globe are expected to attend.

Festival attendees will experience a “Live Art-Walk” exhibition throughout the Mission and 24th Street Cultural Corridor. This walk will include "Live" paintings on commissioned properties. The "Live" art is located on side-streets and main streets from Orange to Osage, Lilac to Treat, 24th Street spanning from Valencia to Harrison and on 22nd to 26th street. These are public and private locations, non-profit spaces and art galleries.

There will be live entertainment on multiple stages. Local art and crafts will be interspersed between local food vendors. The Mission District is renowned for its unique and flavorful cuisine, cultural and art.

Some of the murals displayed throughout the community represent historical and current social justice movements. The goal of this community art project has been to revolutionize the way people view urban art and has facilitated street artists in this area to emerge from the shadows into International view and acclaim.

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