Meditation Class: Chakra Visualizations

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Meditation Class: Chakra Visualizations
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Tue 18 February 2020
Tuesday 18 February 2020
3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Meditation Class: Chakra Visualizations
Meditation Class: Chakra Visualizations

Morning Meditation Stories with brainwave tracking and Rhythmic Lights

Sync deep into another world where your meditation experience be enhanced as you go onto a enchanted journey outside of your body Listening to a Meditation Story allows even the most nervous types of people to meditate deeply.

  • Meditation Visualizations will improve:
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Chakra system
  • Ability to stay in a meditative state for longer periods of time
  • Ability to understand what real meditation brainwaves feels like so that you can sync back into the state of mind at any time of day
  • Use of the brainwave tracking device will come with your purchase

Meditation stories will vary from day to day. List of Stories include:

  • Journey Through the Grounding Forest
  • Your Inner Imagination
  • Reaching the Mountaintop
  • Garden of Love
  • Fountain of Truth
  • Magical Intuition
  • and many more!

Rhythmic lights enhance the meditation state.

Hypnotic lights synced to the rhythm and sound of the Meditation Story to enhance the meditative state. Not only are you hearing the words of the story, but your literally seeing the energy waves softly flow through your eyelids.

When the dancing lights create patterns of colors from behind your eye lids, your mind, body, and spirit are able to stay in the meditative state, even when other thoughts flow in and out of your mind! Elimating any distraction, or anxiety, during the meditation story.

What is a chakra?

The word chakra literally means energy!

There are 7 major energy centers in our body. (And even more minor chakras)

A chakra is a ball of energy that spins to produce a certain frequency out into the universe.

(Imagine the frequency like a ripple moving outward from the body like sound waves from a speaker. )

This frequency has a invisible code written inside (similar to computer code) that goes out into the world and tells the universe what opportunities, or even people, to bring into your life, It tells your body how to function (or not function!) it even controls your personality.

Each chakra has a different job that it works on, but in order for them to reach their full potential they also need to work as a team.

Each chakras code is written up in your DNA, but what's really amazing is that this code becomes rewritten over time depending on your experiences, people around you, even your own thoughts! That fact that we can easily manipulate the chakra code is both a blessing and a curse. When we wake up in a great mood, exited for that first cup of coffee. That's effecting the code and what you'll attract that day. But an hour later when your cursing someone while stuck in traffic? That's also effecting the code!

It just to make it even more complicated it's not just a matter of having balanced vs unbalanced chakras. There are so many grey areas and different things that could be going wrong. Understanding each chakras exact code, how it was written, and why, is very important. Yes it is true that a chakra spinning out of control would create too much energy in one place therefore creating a block, or it may be spinning to slow and not creating enough energy. Or it simply might be toxic. But here is so much more to the story. Which is why it's so important to understand your own chakras to know what's happing with more detail.

Whatever may be happening in your chakras though, you can and WILL rewrite their story!

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iChakras - Smart Meditaion Center
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iChakras - Smart Meditaion Center
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