Love, Communication, Mindfulness For Couples

Sunday  31 March  2019  3:00 PM    Sunday  31 March  2019 11:59 PM
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Attend Love, Communication, Mindfulness for Couples and learn how to communicate in effective & kind ways so that others can get it and respond favourably / appropriately. It is easy to love when things are going well because each side is behaving favourably. But what happens when the other person in your relationship is not hearing you out? What happens when you feel distant or lack of intimacy? Do you feel lonely, left out, hurt, lost, angry, or confused? It is understandable.

Couples Will Learn:

  1. The secret of Mindfulness and how it helps to reduce all this agony
  2. About the nature of being a human.
  3. Having wants, desires and about the causes of unhappiness
  4. How to create a sense of fulfillment from within – not relying so much on the other
  5. How to defuse tense situations, make a good impression and communicate effectively in any setting
  6. How to get the other person’s attention and keep it – become a unit
  7. What deeper love is and how to use the heart to connect
  8. What constitutes romantic and how to keep it alive
  9. How to build confidence and credibility with your relationship

“Nothing can change until you learn how to change it.” Manijeh Motaghy

Join us in a friendly and kind atmosphere to learn and grow so life can be easier and happier.

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