LMPW Special Event - Guest Speaker: Forgotten Future (Julius Dobos)

Thursday  27 April  2017  9:30 PM    Friday  28 April  2017 7:30 AM
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Culture vs Creativity in Music Production

As part of our 2017 speaker series, we’re excited to announce our next guest speaker, composer Julius Dobos.  His career spans more than two decades working at the top of the game scoring TV shows and writing for movies (DragonBall Z, Zohan, MallCop, etc.), and producing ten albums, including a platinum release in Europe.

Today, under the moniker forgotten future, Julius composes & performs instrumental electronic music that explores uncharted territories of melody and sound. He is a Distinguished Lecturer, teaching electronic music production, sound design, and scoring. He also designs soundscapes and music for sound installations, creates presets and music samples for, and beta tests new hardware and software.

One of the unique aspects of Julius’ process is that he builds sounds from the ground up for his compositions.  As we often hear questions about the “process” of making music from meetup attendees, we’ve asked Julius to discuss his perspective on it, and his broader philosophy on music making. Join us for a special night of learning with this amazing artist.

You can learn more about forgotten future at http://forgottenfuturemusic.com and visit Julius at http://www.juliusdobos.com/

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