List of Demands Comedy Festival

Wednesday  30 November  2016  7:00 PM    Wednesday  7 December  2016 11:00 PM
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Saturday, 12/3

Noon - The Late Show @ Fourground
2pm - Unpopular Opinion @ Fourground
4pm - Meme Streets @ Fourground
5:30pm - Lady to Lady @ Fourground
7pm - Mega Art Wars @ Improv Space
8pm - Discount Therapy @ 5302 Cleon
10pm - Rated R @ Lotus Lounge
10pm - We Still Like You @ 872 N Edgemont
Midnight - Sloppy Seconds @ Lotus Lounge

Sunday 12/4

Noon - The Scramble @ The Pack
2pm - Unusual Suspects @ NerdMelt
4pm - Antifascist Circle Pit @ NerdMelt
8pm - Sexy Tornado: Midnight Freaks @ Silverlake Lounge

Monday 12/5

6pm - Mean Boys Podcast Live @ Improv Space
7:30pm - Hurt White Feelings @ Improv Space

Tuesday 12/6

8pm - Killer Mic @ The Other Door

Wednesday 12/7

8pm - Party in the Back @ New California Barbershop
8pm - Graffiti @ Malo

"In times of crisis, the most important thing we have is each other. In that spirit, we come together to stand up for the voiceless and make our demands heard. Our demands are simple: representation, solidarity, protection, and action for the disenfranchised. Hope can be found even in the darkest corners and positive change is possible in the face of great adversity. Make a positive change. We have the power. We can rise up and take action. Through love, art, and unity, we can and will impact that change, relying on the greatest resource at our disposal: each other." - The List of Demands team (Vanessa, Erik, Chelsea, Andy and Kevin)

"So why plan a pop-up festival in three weeks? Other than my utter lack for the concept of time, it is deeply important that we showcase the power of our community and the abilities of everyday people. Through only donations and the work of the LA comedy community we now have a week-long festival nearly fully planned with three weeks notice and no other funding. I'm proud of this team and what we've done in crowded bars and kitchen tables. We have so much more work to do." - Vanessa Gritton

Save the dates! Join us for a week-long festival of stand-up, improv, sketch, music, pop up open mics, art and more to raise funds for:

Border Angels
Planned Parenthood
Translife Line
The Trevor Project

Confirmed calendar to be added soon along with line up information and further details. All booking, volunteer and contact information can be found at

See you at the festival!

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