Journey to Handstand: Level 1 Inversion Workshop

Saturday  19 August  2017  2:00 PM    Saturday  19 August  2017 4:00 PM
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We've all heard the phrase, "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey!" And as cliche as that sounds, it couldn't be more true for learning the art handstands and inversions.

Join PureJoy Teacher and handstand enthusiast, Khaleela O'Neal and explore the wonders of asana upside down. Whether you are beginning your quest, or have been practicing for years, Khaleela brings new tips and tricks to help make your inverted dreams a reality in a safe and attainable way.

In this two hour workshop, Khaleela will share her own personal journey into handstands and why it has made such a profound impact on her life on and off the mat, such as insights into confidence, limiting beliefs, freedom in surrender, knowing when to rest take care of oneself, and letting go of expectations. We will explore the parallel that exists between finding balance in handstand and finding balance IN LIFE...It all comes down to clear intention followed by action!

Poses You Will Explore:
-Forearm Stand
-Running Man
-Chin Stand (YES, that’s a thing)

What to Expect:
- In-depth discussion on alignment and the body mechanics of
getting/staying upside down
- Meditation for body awareness, focus, quieting the "inner critic"
- Warm-ups and strength training drills to take-away for home
- Wrist recovery and injury prevention
- Fun & Fearless Inversion Flow: tips on how to practice your
inversions in class!

Come and empower the body, mind and spirit. Come shift your perspective and balance your way into deeper connection to yourself, your practice and your purpose.

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