Journey Into Happiness

Friday  23 August  2019  7:30 AM
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The Journey Into Awakening Continues...  Journey Into Happiness

A fully enlightened being - like Ramana Maharshi, Buddha, Jesus - has 108 dimensions or aspects of consciousness awakened.  This Journey Into Happiness is one of those dimensions.  Through ancient sacred practices, powerful teachings, and meditations led by enlightened teachers... India is bringing gifts for which we've all been waiting in a one-day retreat, including:

  1. A Calm Mind
  2. Profound Inner Peace
  3. Spiritual Growth
  4. Transformation in Consciousness
  5. Improved Wellbeing
  6. Loving Relationships
  8. Enhanced Capacity for Success

As we make the shift and/or deepen in our embodiment of awakening which for most people is a "Journey," we become catalysts for others to also shift and together we build the momentum for the New Energy also known as the Golden Age.  

This course will be taught live from India to 40+ cities in the US and Canada. Take the day off.  Trade hours with a co-worker.  Do what you must, but don't miss this incredible opportunity!

The Journey Into Awakening was recently offered to more than 1200 participants in the US and Canada.  Here are a few of the experiences from the 87 people who attended that intensive at the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living:

"Light is love and overflowing from within." - Jaime

"Powerful deep inner work recognizing the patterns of mind.  Healing inner work to shift the outer world" - Mirabai

"Basking and bathing in grace like a river of light pouring down upon me." - Anon

"Deep immersion into truth felt like a shift in my brain.  At one point, I felt Mary Magdalene's energy course through my body. So much love and compassion." - Jan

"Great teachings for bringing peace and joy into your life." - Robert

"A deep experience of self-inquiry." - Anon For Your

Please note: Only children 14 years or older may attend.

Transportation Options Oakland Center for Spiritual Living is nestled in the Oakland Hills above Broadway Terrace, at 5000 Clarewood Drive, Oakland. It is a five-minute drive (1.7 miles) from the Rockridge BART Station - a short ride on Lyft or Uber.  By automobile, see driving directions: Onsite and adjacent parking available.

To find out more or if you have questions, e-mail or sign up for the Golden Age Movement newsletter by writing to; or call Gwen Mitchell -  510-910-2702,  Prem Wichman - 415-571-3048, or  Peter Beach - 415-203-3105

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5000 Clarewood Drive
Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, 94618, United States, California
5000 Clarewood Drive
Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, Oakland Center for Spiritual Living, 94618, United States, California
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