Inversion: Circus Disobedience - liberate your laughter!

Sunday  20 November  2016  4:00 PM    Sunday  4 December  2016 4:00 PM
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Kinetic Arts Productions Presents INVERSION: Circus Disobedience

November 5 - December 18, 2016

Circus rebels against everything - even gravity.

INVERSION: Circus Disobedience is an original circus theatre production about disobedience and justice. INVERSION will feature an expanded cast with many of the Bay Area’s top professional circus performers including Ross Travis, Elliott Gittelsohn, TT Robson, Ellie Rossi, Lillian Ferreira, Slater Penney,, Dwoira Galilea & Julie Rogers. INVERSION is about our innate desire for justice and the creative ways we adapt and compromise to bring fairness into our lives.

“The main idea behind INVERSION centers on the human appetite for justice. A five-year old is an expert on what is and is not just and instinctively wants life to be fair.” says Jaron Hollander, who conceived and directed INVERSION. “We want to celebrate righteous indignation in every form. Circus artists are agents of change. Circus is the perfect medium for exploring themes of revolution against the status quo because circus rebels against everything - even gravity.”

INVERSION: Circus Disobedience Opens a seven-week run on November 5, 2016 in downtown Oakland’s Kinetic Arts Center. INVERSION is recommended for audiences 8+ -- not all content may be suitable for young viewers. INVERSION runs Saturdays, 4pm and 8pm and Sundays, 3pm & 7pm through December 18th with a special Thanksgiving matinee on Friday, November 25, 2016.

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