Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (March 4, 2019)

Monday  4 March  2019  10:00 AM    Monday  4 March  2019 4:00 PM
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Last update 05/03/2019

In a full-day introductory workshop, participants will learn the basic concepts related to Motivational Interviewing: Evocation, compassion, partnership, acceptance.  Special attention will be paid to naming and describing the skills of Motivational Interviewing: Open ended questioning, affirming, reflective listening, and summarizing.  Participants who complete the introductory training generally receive the knowledge necessary to talk about Motivational Interviewing with others, and will usually leave with a new set of skills to begin practicing individually. 

This ticket is non-refundable, unless cancelled by the organizer. The organizer may cancel due to emergency (dangerous weather, natural disasters, severe illness of the presenter, etc.). If the event is cancelled, ticket fees will be refunded but any costs associated with traveling to the event remain the responsibility of the ticket holder and will not be refunded or reimbursed. This includes the cost of hotel accommodations, train, airfare, etc.

Watson Wellness Promotion cannot directly award continuing education credits for this workshop. Most participants receive continuing education credits by applying directly through their professional accrediting bodies. Watson Wellness Promotion recommends that you seek guidance from your accrediting body if you wish to pursue this. In the event that you decide to apply for continuing education credits through your accrediting body, Watson Wellness Promotion can assist you by providing required documentation (certificate, agenda, power point slides, resume of the presenter, etc.). Email, if you have any questions.

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