An Introduction to Improvised Singing

Thursday  18 July  2019  10:00 AM    Thursday  18 July  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 19/07/2019

Vocal Improvisation - singing alone and with others, coherently yet without composition - is a deep, thrilling, challenging, liberating, magnificent path for a singer.

It can be taken into personal growth, ritual, performance, healing, music teaching, and good old leisure and pleasure, community life.

This is a one day introduction for folks who can sing in tune and keep a beat - after that it's great for anyone from a professional singer to a secret shower singer. 

We'll weave sound baskets together and learn fun exercises that give us a path into collaborative improvisation. We'll explore the deep resonance of the body and gradually bring it out in solos for those willing and ready.

We'll play with improvising with language - easier than it sounds! And then see if it can take off in a more emergent free-form way.

Briony Greenhill teaches vocal improvisation internationally. She is called "The Rolls Royce of singing teachers" and "a master", her work "life changing."

We'll go 10am - 5pm with an hour for lunch; please arrive 10-20 minutes in advance and bring something for pot luck, as well as some water and a flask of hot drink if you would like that in mid July :) Gluten and sugar free food is recommended.

Our venue, Peaceful Meadow Retreat, is a beautiful, held space:

Get in touch if you would love to come but price is a barrier:

And... shhh... sneak preview... A film has been made about Briony's work. It's not a final edit but, if you'd like to get a flavour - please don't share:

Password: vocalimprov

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Peaceful Meadow Retreat
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Peaceful Meadow Retreat
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