InnerCartography I (Online)

Tuesday  22 January  2019  7:00 PM    Tuesday  22 January  2019 8:30 PM
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Recurring event

InnerCartography I (Online)
From 08 Jan 2019 to 12 Feb 2019
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“Cartography” means, Map Making.
InnerCartography is Mapping your Inner workings.
Map making is both complex and simple business. For when we know the terrain of our Being, we can better navigate the world and our relationship with all things.
This process takes a blend of different systems to help you understand and create your own Inner Mapping of Self and to learn better relating skills with others.
Astrology, Human design (Ra), Gene Keys(Rudd), I Ching(Fu Hsi), Emotional Bridges(MWM) & various Focus Tools are all Pillars in this Process.
I am currently offering InnerCartography I.
This is a focus delve into the study of Human Design Chart Mapping, with ripple flows into Gene Keys and Emotional Bridges.
This version will be 6 weekly sessions.
On Tuesday starting Jan 8th. It’s at the Beginning to Intermediate level and looks at both your own world and others. We will meet once a week for a 1.5 hr Zoom Video Conference Call. *You will have a series of notes given each week, the day before the call. And be given an assignment to complete before the next week. (Yes Homework!! We are here to learn what is our Work to do! You didn’t think it wouldn’t be work did ya? ;)
First requirement: is to have had an introductory InnerCartography session with me. Some of you already have! (It’s you guys who’ve asked for this class.) Those who have not, please get in touch with me to arrange this beforehand. (A session is based on a sliding scale of $90-$150).
•If money is tight for you, you can discuss with me, have an initial consult and if you decide to take the class I will deduct what you have already paid from the class fee.
Second requirement: Fill out your info and pay your monies. The money end of this is what helps to make things go round as they should on The Mountain. If money is an issue in your end, please speak to me directly about another form of exchange that could work for you. The cost of this 6 week class is $200.
Third requirement: show up, do your homework. Reach out if you feel lost. There’s no one who will be beating you about the head if you sign up and fall off. And. I deeply encourage you to stick through the process, whatever you choose. This is a deeply enriching process, and can only really do its work properly if you give it the necessary time to do so.
Can’t make it to a video session, no problem! All sessions will (at least) be audio recorded and all videos, downloads and links are available to review/watch at your own pace during our course time.
And…. if you make it to the Live Sessions you will be present to ask your own questions instead of merely listening to others queries. (Nudge nudge)
*Details for 6 Week InnerCartography Course (some details may vary depending on class)
Week I: Understanding your Specific Aura. (How you come off to others). How to work With it and Others! (Aura & Strategy)
Week II: Figuring out who drives the bus and who all those voices in your head belong to and how to listen to them in the right order. (A study of Profiles & Illusions)
Week III: How & Where to make decisions from. (A study in Authority and Definitions)
Week IV: Setting up & Maintaining your Boundaries. Knowing where YOU need Yours and how to respect others boundaries. (Centers, Defined & Undefined)
Week V: Figuring out what your lane in life is. And how to drive it being Who You Are. (Channels)
Week VI: Ok great. Now what am I Here for? (A mini plunge into Incarnation Crosses & Circuitry)
Other options that folks have asked for:
•Do you offer Individual sessions?
Yup! I offer a sliding scale of $90 - $150 for an 1.5hr session.
•How about for couples or Business partners? Yup! 2 people, 3 Charts (Yours, theirs and a combined chart), $250 for a 2hr session
•What if I just want to do a whole 6 week private session with you?
I can do that too! $900. That’s 12 hours of one-on-one time!
***10% discount on all types of sessions if paid in cash.
20% discount if paid in Crypto.
Otherwise all fees can be paid through Papal to

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