Illinois Concealed Carry Course

Saturday  12 January  2019  8:00 AM    Sunday  13 January  2019 5:00 PM
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Last update 14/01/2019

This 16 Hour Concealed Carry Course meets and exceeds the standard for the Illinois State Police CCL training requirement. (CCC18A0053). Free copy of The Law of Self Defense (3rd Edition) by Attorney Andrew Branca with the purchase of the full 16 hour course. Call 833-ETS-TRNG for details.

- Day 1 (8 + Hours)  Classroom/Range

This cirriculum was designed around new shooters who want to defend themselves with a handgun. Even if you have never fired a gun in your life, the classroom instruction will guide you through all the steps you need to safely handle your gun, and hit what you're aiming at. Experienced shooters have enjoyed the hands-on nature of the course and using the LASR app to further hone their skills. The primary goal of this block of instruction is teaching the 4 rules of firearms safety as a skill to be honed and refined, rather than a set of rules to remember and regurgitate. This commitment to safety is layered throughout instruction the client receives in the basic skills and concepts needed to responsibly keep and bear a handgun. We want our clients to be able to train and practice handling a gun safely all the time, whether they're standing flat footed on the range, have a piece of hot brass in their shirt, are under time pressure, or are fighting for their lives.

Clients can expect to learn:

Firearms safety
Gun identification
Ammunition Identification and selection
Types of malfunctions
Malfunction clearance
Firearms cleaning
Firearms storage

What to Bring:


Closed-toe shoes, T-shirt with a round collar, hat with a bill, pen and paper.


Your personal firearm, at least 100 rounds of ammunition, holster, snap caps.

Gun Rental (with ammo): $20

- Day 2 (8+ Hours)

This block of instruction covers the state-mandated sections of Illinois CCL, FOID, and use-of-force law, as well as covering important use-of-force concepts, analyzing real-life use of force scenarios, common criminal behavior and discussing key sections of The Law of Self Defense by Attorney Andrew Branca. Clients will also receive dditional training weapon handling skills, handgun concealment, and advice in holster and gear selection. 

What to bring:

Pen and Paper.

Coffee, drinks and snacks provided.

Ask about special pricing for Military/LE/Fire/EMS

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