Ho Ho Hopeful! (surviving the holidays with a narcissist)

Thursday  7 December  2017  5:00 PM    Friday  8 December  2017 3:30 AM
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Last update 09/12/2017

If I have heard it once I have heard it 100 times:
"Why does my toxic person, narcissist, emotional abuser make the holidays absolutely miserable?"
"I am so glad when the holidays are over because the stress level goes down at least a little."
"I wish there were never thing as holidays, birthdays, or celebrations because they ruin every bit of joy that I try to get our of them.... EVERYTIME!!!!!"

Does this sound like how you feel as the "HAPPY HOLIDAY" season draws closer?

I am sorry about the fact that the holidays do not feel as joyful as they seem to be for others, however I am going to give you a holiday guide to help you not only be prepared but also maybe even enjoy the holidays with a toxic person.

The thing to remember about the toxic person is that they like to control everything from the gifts that are given to the money spent, from the locations of the gathering to the people welcome, from the dinner menu to the amount of merriment and happiness others experience during this mystical magical horribly stressful and panic ridden season of JOY! I too lived like this once... dreading the entire holiday season and wanting to stick my head in the sand until it was over. I felt "Ho Ho Hopeless"

The content of this workshop should give you enough reason for your Holiday season to be "Ho Ho HOPEFUL"

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