Holiday Holistic Expo

Sunday  16 December  2018  11:00 AM    Sunday  16 December  2018 6:00 PM
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The Holiday Holistic Expo is our largest and most exciting expo of the year. Come join over 50 Magnificent Light-workers--your favorites and new ones, to help you celebrate the Holidays by replenishing & restoring your energy during the Holidays.

They will also be offering unique gift treasures and gift certificates for readings, healings, sacred jewelry, books, nutrition and a host of other holistic modalities.Not to be missed!!!!

Here is our Holiday Workshops Schedule

11:30 AM- 12:00 PM
Justin Minichelli
Transcend the Inner-Self

In this special presentation we will be discussing the inner SELF, what it is, and how to use it to transform and transcend your life. SELF as I like to refer to it, represents our each individual, and unique Soul Expression of Life Force. Inside each of us, beyond & within the Human, dwells the Being. By taking a conscious journey inward we can discover, explore, connect to and bond with our inner Being. From there we will have the ability to call out power, wisdom, truth and any other resources we need, all from within! Coming to know one's own SELF can lead to real profound transformation and freedom both internally & externally, as well as bring about inner peace, healing, love, understanding and fulfillment. One of the most valuable insights shared with mankind is a simple, but incredibly enlightening one, "Know Thyself". This presentation is all about stepping into that journey of knowing thyself. So come take a deep dive, and discover your own Inner, True, Magnificent SELF.

12:00 PM- 12:30 PM
Loria Raiola, M.Ed.
A FREE 30-minute workshop with Loria Raiola, M.Ed. Loria is a spiritual psychotherapist and educator, entrepreneur, yogi, producer, soccer mom and more! She has been consciously walking the path; sometimes dancing, sometimes tripping over her own feet …but always gets back up more expanded and empowered to share with you TOOLS, TRICKS and KICKS to support you on your journey in WAKING UP YOUR POWER NOW! “Allow me to light a fire under your passion and together we can begin to ignite your highest calling! “One lucky attendee from the workshop will win a free session with Loria!
12:30 PM – 1:45 PM
Blanca Beyar, Mystic Guru
Experience the Power of Shamanic Healing
Join Elder Shamanic Healer, Blanca Beyar as she opens a field for collective healing for the audience, incorporates the power of vibration and affirmations and delivers a personal healing touch to all who are present. Limited seating, exchange, $20. Register at:

1:45 PM- 2:15 PM
Susan G. Chamberlain, PhD, Master Intuitive Quantum Healer, Teacher & Reader “Medical Intuition Merging with Your Spiritual Cosmic Quantum Intuition. A Must Workshop.”
This workshop will bring you to a deeper path of understanding the great geomagnetic space storms hitting the great Cosmos as well as your physical corporeal body. This workshop will bring to LIGHT your LightBody coding and how your densities, blocks, old programming, old information, etc. will be removed so you can be the PURE LIGHT BEING you came here to be. Come discover what’s really happening inside of you as your LightBody, your divine soul merges into this beautiful new Super Human YOU!

2.:15 PM- 2:40 PM
Shama Dhanani, Hypno Soul Coach, Meditation Teacher & Success Shaman
Experience Sage, Sound and Hypno Chakras to Clear Your Mind + Energy
At the crossroads of Science and Spirit, experience clearing your energy with tools like healing sounds of the Drum, sage, palo santo, salt, and Hypno Chakra Meditation. Learn Why and How these practices have evolved from their origins and how they help you move out of stress and into clarity. Apply the practices that resonate for you to gain more peace + focus, make better decisions and reduce your daily stress! *Free Workshop*Join us so you can truly connect with your higher self and leave feeling lighter, happier, soul aligned!

2:45 PM- 3:15 PM
Mayra Sanchez
Four Ways to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season
Feeling like Scrooge this year? Wondering how you will meet the financial and physical demands of another holiday season? According to the Federal Reserve the average American household carries $137,063 in debt. Chronic diseases are among the most prevalent and costly health conditions in the US impacting nearly half of all Americans. The unfortunate result of this growing trend is that many of us now believe that this is “just a normal part of life” when in fact it is just a common occurrence. According to The World Health Organization 80% of our total wellbeing is directly connected to lifestyle choices. Choose to avoid spending 2019 physically and emotionally depleted by learning to apply wisdom and self-care to your daily routine this December. Join me for this empowering workshop where we will be discussing how you can begin using the holistic understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) daily. TCM is well known for effectively treating and preventing illnesses as well as restoring balance to your life. Open your mind, give yourself a gift that will grow into improved health, wealth and greater abundance for the rest of your life. This small investment today will help protect you and your family tomorrow.
3:30 PM - 4:15 PM
Geozuwa Ascended Healer
The Other Side: Visit Now! - Lecture/Workshop
Imagine visiting and communicating with your loved ones, who have passed away, any time you wish! You absolutely can! Discover how you can easily be face ·to face with your Spirit Guides on the Other Side to learn valuable information about your life, your path, and your future! Learn how you can easily be healed by visiting the Other Side. Geozuwa continues to guide countless clients and students to the Other Side and back with miraculous results on every level!

4:30-5:30 PM
Andrea D. Lewis, Certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Transformational Coach
"Achieve Relief, Release, & Peace via a quick, effective, modern new tool, called EFT or Tapping,

Make sure to mark your calendar and to take a break from all the holiday stress to join us! Bring a friend and make it a special day!

We are honored to be one of the grandest holistic expos on the Tri-state area as we continue to expand and shine with your loving support! Thank you and we will see you in December.

More details to follow as we continue to organize this Special Holiday Event!!!!!!

Admission $5.00

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