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Have you ever ordered pizza and then 10 minutes later, decided you should order pizza because you're so gosh darn hungry?

We'll have pizza, dude.

Have you ever gone to 7-11 and spent enough money for a full meal at a fancy restaurant, on munchies like Funions, Sour Patch Kids, and all the ingredients to make Puppy Chow?

We'll have all the munchies... and gallons of Puppy Chow, dude.

Have you ever gone from perfectly hydrated to near-death dehydration in the time of a single breath?

We'll have perron's of water readily available, dude.

Have you ever spent an entire day and night, locked away in your living room with all of your friends, playing Super Smash Brothers until you passed out mid-match?

We'll have Super Smash Brothers, DUDE!

Have you ever listened to music, that you had heard before, but now it sounds totally different?

We'll have all the tunes, dude.

Have you ever just chilled out and thought about stuff?

We'll think about all the stuff, dude.

Join myself, Jordan Huber with Brooklyn Brewery, and the totally rad crew down at Sportsman's Club on April 19th for a jovial celebration of 4/20's eve. We will be featuring Brooklyn's Old Fashioned Beer aged in WhistlePig Rye casks, a beer and shot special which is sure to be chronic. A special cocktail menu of WhistlePig Old Fashioned variations, put together by the righteously brilliant mind of the Graham himself...

...can we buy them by the Graham? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, the event! All the snacks, all the pizza, all the drinks, and if the weather holds, Super Smash Brothers for all to enjoy on the patio. Take a day, and stop taking things so seriously. With all of the city going crazy over politics, and Uber's not going to the airport, and the Lollapalooza lineup not being what it used to be, and Jewel not giving us plastic bags anymore unless we pay for them, and... seriously though, I think that's a good thing. Because, like, plastic is bad for the Earth. We have to take care of the Earth, man, like, for our kids and THEIR kids, ya know? Wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah, the event! Sportsman's Club, April 19th, all night. Come chill-out with good beer, good cocktails, and the best company. I'll be bringing an avacado, an ice-pick, and my snorkel. Trust me bro, I've thrown an event with less.

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Sportsman's Club
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Sportsman's Club
948 N Western Ave, Chicago, 60622, IL, United States