Saturday  18 March  2017  3:00 PM
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UTA Artist Space is pleased to present HeatWave, a group exhibition curated by Dylan Brant featuring the work of  Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, George Condo, Jonathan Horowitz, Rashid Johnson, Mike Kelley, Elad Lassry, Nate Lowman,  Karen Kilimnik, Adam McEwen, Cady Noland, Rob Pruitt,  Julian Schnabel, Jim Shaw,  Steven Shearer, Dash Snow,  Josh Smith, and  Michael Williams.

This presentation is united by a youthful energy, subversions of popular cultural, and reflections on the relationship between creator and viewer. HeatWave explores the multiple inspirations of artists and the effects their work has on an audience. In an interview, the Cramps’ Lux Interior said that he made music for teenagers. His interviewer wondered how this would change as he aged. In other words, how does youth culture transcend youth? His response perfectly captures the message:

“There is a difference between good rock n’ roll and rock n’ roll. It’s dangerous, sexy, and playful. It brings a certain kind of people together. It separates the squares from the cool kids. It lets us forget ourselves or see something about ourselves that is beyond our singular perception. This kind of music is for the young at heart. What matters is your outlook.”

An irreverent vitality shines through all of these works—a dedication to the energies of youth. Each artist has shrugged off the conventions of their generation, gone DIY, and tapped into a new audience. Be it with collaged newsprint, silkscreen, or quickly sketched pen and ink, each artist captures the excitement and anxieties of their generation, and of those to come.


UTA Artist Space is an extension of UTA’s commitment to the Los Angeles arts scene as much as it is a venue for showcasing global talent and new work. The new venue continues UTA’s history of helping artists gain access to new and better opportunities; it solidifies UTA’s reputation as a forward-thinking agency devoted to expanding and redefining the role of talent and literary agencies globally.


United Talent Agency is a premier global talent and literary agency representing many of the world's most acclaimed figures in every current and emerging area of entertainment and media, including motion pictures, television, digital, broadcast news, legit theater, video games, books, music, and live entertainment. The agency is also globally recognized in the areas of film finance, film packaging, branding, licensing, endorsements and representation of production talent. UTA additionally provides corporate consulting, venture funding and strategic advisory services to companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. UTA operates the brand strategy agency UTA Brand Studio and owns market-leading broadcast news agency N.S. Bienstock. UTA founded and co-owns leading integrated marketing firm United Entertainment Group, A DJE Company, which focuses on branded entertainment for major consumer brands.


Dylan Brant is a New York based curator and dealer with a focus on contemporary and emerging art. He is a cofounder of Y&S, an organization dedicated to emerging contemporary artists and the co- founder of the artist run project space Entrance. He graduated from Bard College in 2013. His shows include: First Open with Y&S at Christies, What Is An Art Book? With Y&S at Garis and Hahn, Objects and Landscapes with Y&S at Dickson Gallery, 12 Trees of Christmas with Y&S and Temp Art Space, and #Rawhide at Venus Over Manhattan.

Dylan Brant has been featured in The New York Times, Artforum, Examiner, Interview Magazine, New York Observer, Out of Order, Paper Mag, Twelv Magazine, W Magazine, Wild Magazine and the Vulture.

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UTA Artist Space
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UTA Artist Space
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