Full Moon Sound Bath

Monday  17 June  2019  6:30 PM    Monday  17 June  2019 8:30 PM
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Join us as we gather for a Summer Series of Full Moon & New Moon Sound Baths at The Tumbleweed House. Danielle Bauman will be guiding us through a relaxing sound meditation with her Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, and Chimes. Never heard of, or been to a sound bath before? Don't worry, it's one of the most relaxing things you can do for your mind, body and soul. 

Singing Bowls have been used in the Himalayan Valley and surrounding regions for around 2500 years. The idea behind them is simple. Have you ever seen how water ripples when it's close to a speaker? Your body reacts similarly when Danielle plays on her bowls. The vibrations from the instruments create a ripple effect throughout your body providing a cellular message to disrupt stagnation. The vibrations from these bowls also resemble our brain's alpha waves, ultimately welcoming the brain into a Theta state within minutes. Theta waves occur during REM sleep, hypnosis and deep meditation. Pretty cool, right?!

With our Summer Series of Moon Sound Baths you can expect Danielle to lead you through a guided meditation accompanied by her Singing Bowls, along with a mini journaling session, and tea ceremony.

We kindly ask for you to bring your yoga mat, water, and wear your comfiest clothes.

*Essential Oils will  be used, so please inform us of any allergy or sensitivity*

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The Tumbleweed House
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The Tumbleweed House
800 N Tumbleweed Trail, Austin, 78733, TX, United States
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