Another Freakin’ Con

Saturday  18 August  2018  12:00 PM    Saturday  18 August  2018 6:30 PM
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Last update 19/08/2018

Another Freakin’ Con
About Us:
We recognize that most conventions these days do everything but cater to the fans and we want to change that!
The goal of Another Freakin’ Con is to make a fan friendly experience for all, Another Freakin’ Con is a collaborative idea created by Great Sauce Entertainment and Cosplay celebrity Robert Franzese, better known as “The Real Life Peter Griffin”. Together we have worked hard to make a show that is all about YOU, THE FANS!
What makes Another Freakin’ Con special?:
"Another Freakin Con" is not just "Another Freakin’ Con”, It is in fact unique from any other convention. Another Freakin’ Con doesn’t just charge you for a ticket and leave you with no options other than to just spend more money on vendors or shows. No, We offer you not only just vendors BUT also a free LIVE performance, on stage, in a beautiful 464 seat theatre. Another unique option that Another Freakin’ Con provides is a $50 VIP ticket that grants you access to a VIP cabaret lounge where food, drinks, and music are provided as well as a guaranteed seat within the first 3 rows for theatre performances.
Cosplayers are the back bone of conventions, and unfortunately with most shows Cosplayers go completely unappreciated. Where Another Freakin’ Con differs is we make the show ALL ABOUT COSPLAYERS! We allow cosplayers a rare opportunity to go on stage, in front of an audience, and show off their costumes. We give cosplayers this opportunity by having Cosplay contests and a one of a kind Cosplay talent show. Another Freakin’ Con also celebrates cosplay by bringing in well known cosplay guests. Cosplay will always be at abundance at conventions, and now it is time that cosplayers are appreciated.
This year Another Freakin’ Con is only a one day show, but our hope is to every year be able to expand and make the show bigger and bring the best convention to the fans! We want to show the other conventions that you can have an amazing show and also celebrate the fans. A convention doesn’t need to be all about the celebrity guests and cash grab. A convention could be a fun, cost effective, fan friendly experience for all who attend. So we hope you decide to come to Another Freakin’ Con, come support fellow fans, and have a one of a kind experience you won’t forget!

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