W.A.R Festival 2019 - Day 1

Friday  22 March  2019  8:00 PM    Saturday  23 March  2019 3:00 AM
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AOH Events & Hardroadz Media Presents:
W.A.R - TWO DAY FESTIVAL Coming this New Year 2019! We are bringing more troops for this battle in Los Angeles! Get ready soldiers!!
��� Troops / Main Stage ���
Making his First US Appearance Holland Wonder boy giving american an unforgettable LIVE PIANO performance:
Sefa - Peacock Records
At just 10 years old, Sefa first came into contact with hardcore music while browsing YouTube. He immediately developed a love for kicks and melodies, but merely listening was not enough for him. He wanted to express his creativity in the art of music and figure it out for himself: and that was exactly what he did. Starting out with a small laptop, he locked himself in his room for days on end, discovering every button and taking in very sound. He had found his passion. At the age of 11, he met Dr. Peacock and the two have been close ever since. He uncovered the Frenchcore scene and grasped it's energizing sound. At 12 years old, Sefa made his first Frenchcore track and at 13 he was already producing tracks worthy of release: one year later he released his first EP on Peacock Records. This was a huge motivational factor for him, and he dedicated himself to improving his sound. With tracks like This Life Is Lost, Singing A Song and Roll The Drums under his name, and the Frenchcore scene established, Sefa is ready to turn his all-time passion into a flourishing career.
Defqon.1 2018 | Peacock in Concert w/ Sefa Live Piano
We are bring you the conscious of the biggest festival in the Netherlands Thunderdome
A Very Special Hardcore Classic Set! A Hardcore legend!
Promo - The Third Movement
Described as accessible dark, Promo's typical rough sound is known worldwide thanks to unique bass kicks and the catchy hook he gives to his productions. From File to Type and past Thunderdome anthems, DJ Promo has been a key-factor in the never ending revolution that is today's hardcore scene. A force to be reckoned with!
Promo Live at Q Base 2018 Thunderdome Stage https://soundcloud.com/djpromonl/promo-q-base-2018-thunderdome
Promo live at Thunderdome 25 years https://soundcloud.com/fberends/25-years-of-hardcore-by-promo-thunderdome-2017
Joining the battle in Los Angeles!!!
D-Fence - Neophyte Records
In 2015, a mysterious artist set out on a no-holds-barred invasion of the Hardcore scene. Known only to the crowd as D-Fence, the notorious producer began unleashing Hardcore bombs upon social media, all of which became unprecedented viral hits and reaching millions of people across the globe.
His tracks ‘Krakaka’, ‘Pompen’, ‘Dikke BMW’ and ‘Koekoek Jonghuh’ are now main stage essentials, hailing support from huge names such as Neophyte, Angerfist, Tha Playah, Nosferatu, Destructive Tendencies and more! Currently signed to Neophyte Records, D-Fence continues to take no prisoners, bringing madness to the stage in the form of an incredibly energetic performance, which was first premiered at Hardcore4life in 2016!
The future of this masked mastermind is only known by a select few, but one thing is for sure, he strikes hard, fast and leaves no venue in one piece!
Defqon.1 2018 | D-Fence
D-Fence vs. Deadly Guns Live @ Masters of Hardcore 2018
Another Fresh new talent hitting the states, kill has been rocking some massive stages in Europe!
Killshot - End of Line Recordings
Since being warmly welcomed into the End of Line Recordings family in 2017, Hardstyle revelation Killshot has been endlessly invigorating the genre with his refined and catchy productions, as well as badass onstage persona. His vivacity and pure energy can felt and heard in his stream of well-received hits such as “Beastmode,” “Break Your Neck” with Warface, “Like An AK,” “Rauwdouwer,” “I’m Back” and many more.
Killshot is also no stranger to putting on quite a show in front of large audiences, as this party starter has revved up crowds at Dominator, Defqon.1, Supremacy, Masters of Hardcore, Q-BASE, Fatality, AIRFORCE Festival, Intents Festival and Dreamfields.
Killshot has already proven his skills and audacity by always making a bold statement – and now, he’s here to stay. His ultimate mission: to wreak havoc on every single sound-system!
Killshot & Nolz - Beastmode 2.0 EOL087
Killshot & Nolz - Rauwdouwer (Official Music Video)
Making his 2nd Appearance from the famous Frenchcore label! He rocked Los Angeles at our 10th Anniversary at Army of Hardcore USA.
Sprinky - Peacock Records
Sprinky started spinning the decks early 2011, and talented as this guy is, same year he became resident of the radio station Gabber.FM on which he presents his weekly show Frenchcore Friday. After concentrating on performing for a while, he also started to feel the urge to play unique own tracks in his sets so he also started to produce his own tracks. He's been picked by Peacock Records for his releases already, has played on some impressive events, always energetic and acquired a nice solid fan base. This jumping jack has only just begun and ready to hit the stages for the long term!
Sprinky & Levenkhan - Army of hardcore 2018
Pherato - Scantraxx
21 years old dj and producer from Torino,Italy. Signed at Scantraxx Recordz. Biggest hardstyle producer from Italy, released music on Revealed, Dirty Workz, Scantraxx and more!
"Hardstyle" by Pherato" is out now on Beatport.
Pherato - Get Rowdy
Tim Shopp - Hardroadz Management
Tim Shopp: America's Homegrown Uptempo Hardcore DJ & Producer
What started as a few local shows in New Jersey quickly escalated to widespread notoriety and international acclaim. Early success came quickly with his debut track "Terror Squad" and the well-known “Cocaine MF (Tim Shopp Remix)”.
His unique sound has has garnered the attention of prominent Hardcore acts including Partyraiser, Dr. Peacock, F. Noize, Sefa, Noisekick, SRB, and many more. He consistently dominates charts on Hardtunes.com with a seemingly infinite flow of back-to-back top charted singles through multiple labels including Uptempo Is The Tempo, F*cking Bastards, and Partyraiser Recordings.
Tim Shopp has single-handedly defined his own style in the Uptempo Hardcore scene and America through landmark tracks like "Keep Em Comin" and the crowd favorite "Fck It" which have become staple tracks within his career and musical scene that is Uptempo Hardcore.
Wreck Reality & Tim Shopp - Betrayal
Hardroadz: Episode 23 W/ Tim Shopp
Levenkhan - Peacock Records / Hardroadz Management
As America's first Frenchcore DJ and producer, Levenkhan is an acclaimed name around the USA and Europe for his incredibly unique style. With an early career in producing Hip-Hop for artists like Final Outlaw, Immortal Technique, Homeboy Sandman, Kemba (and more), as well as a extreme passion for classical music, he has been able to craft his own unique style within the genre to define himself.
His unique style has led to releases such as “Dying Light” with Frenchcore pioneer Mr. Ivex, his remix of “Terror Squad” by Tim Shopp, and many others. Being the first American artist to ever release on Peacock Records, and other labels such as RSLVD Records, he has gained support from critically acclaimed artists such as K?D, Sefa, Mr. Ivex, Unresolved, Sprinky (and many more) and his tracks have been heard on stages like Dominator, Masters of Hardcore and others.
Levenkhan has performed at stages across Europe and North America. His unique style has been seen at many events, including shows put on by the top promoter in his genre (BKJN Events) and some of the top Hard Music organizations in the US. Now, Levenkhan has set his sights on the world - be sure not to miss him as he comes through your town.
Mr.Ivex & Levenkhan - Dying Light
Sprinky & Levenkhan - Army of hardcore 2018
��� American Troops ���
Arcada - Hardroadz Management / Virginia
Chaotic - Army of Hardcore USA / Los Angeles
CIK - Arizona Hardcore Junkies / Arizona
Damage Control - Hardroadz Management / Los Angeles
Disengage - Hardroadz Management / Chicago
Distrix - Theracords / Texas
Greater Than - Harsh Records / Hardroadz Management / Kentucky
KORE - Arizona Hardcore Junkies / Arizona
Krelisa - Hardroadz Management / Texas
Lauren Valentine - Hardroadz Management / New York
� Lost Boy - Systems Insane / HTID USA Family / Los Angeles
Majestee - Audio Asylum / Los Angeles
DJ Missfits - Army of Hardcore USA / Orange County
� Hosted By MC Armaros
Here at AoH Events / Hardroadz Media we strive to bring you the best experience by providing quality Events.
��� Battlefield / Tickets ���
� SINGLE DAY : $40.00
� TWO DAY : $80.00
� MEET & GREET : $20.00
��� Hard Tickets ���
Message our team!
Fernando Anaya (Los Angeles Area)
Fabian Peña (San Bernardino Area)
Michell Cruz (OC/Long beach Area)
Dylan Dizzy Ordonez (South Bay)
Orb Ágency ( East Los Angeles Area)
Jaime Velazq (Whittier/Montebello Area)
David HC Sankey (Phoenix, Arizona)
Steve Murton (South Bay)
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��� SUIVEZ-NOUS / Follow us ���
� WEB : www.warfestival.com
� WEB: www.armyofhardcore.com
� INSTRAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/armyofhardcoreusa/
��� WAR Zone / Venue ���
Globe Theatre - Los Angeles
� 2 Stages
� Capacity 1700
� 18+ to enroll / 21+ to drink
��� Alliance Team ���
The Third Movement
Neophyte Records
Arizona Hardcore Junkies
Rave Till Dawn
Peacock Records
The Third Movement
End of Line Recordings
Harsh Records
More to be announced

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