Escort with JKriv and Samone

Thursday  31 March  2016  8:00 PM
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ESCORT is big. Literally. Enjoying accolades ranging from the New York Times to Pitchfork, NYC's disco champions are an incredible cast of musicians including founder/producer Eugene Cho, JKriv, Dave Sharma and lead singer Adeline Michèle.

Escort’s long awaited second LP “Animal Nature” is a leap forward from their 

critically acclaimed debut. “Animal Nature” stays true to the tradition of clubland’s holy trinity – New York, Chicago and Detroit – while staying on the forefront of modern disco and a new era of not-so-underground dance music. In an age where the dance music is over saturated with countless producers churning out an endless stream beats and remixes, Escort stands out, in part, by creating dance music the old fashioned way: with impeccable production, musicianship, and songwriting. Their explosive live performances have cemented their reputation as one of the city's premiere live acts and has enabled them to showcase their unique live dance sound around the globe. 

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Thalia Hall
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