ECO-Tourism to Chiapas Mexico--Jungle Fauna & Flora, Waterfalls and Mayan Ruins!

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Chiapas is Mexico's southernmost state and although it is one of the poorest states, it offers great biodiversity and remarkable landscapes as well as interesting cultural expression. In Chiapas, you will find lovely colonial towns, important archaeological sites, scenic beaches, tropical rainforest, lakes and high mountains, an active volcano, as well as a large Maya indigenous population.


Video of some of the places we will go:

San Cristóbal de las Casas emerges from the valley surrounded by mountains inhabited by the Tzoltzil and the Tzatzal people. Today, it forms a mosaic of local cultures and people from all over the world who have chosen the city as their home. The main square is the heart of the city, which is a meeting place filled with residents passing by or relaxing on one of the many wrought iron benches. Visit the City Hall and the colorful Cathedral, painted in a sun-like yellow with its interior golden altarpieces from the XVIII century. Explore the narrow, cobblestone streets of the traditional neighborhoods and and admire the houses painted in bright colors that are homes to quaint shops and markets. Admire the beautiful embroidery and the jewelry made from amber and wood pieces that are on display in the windows and on the shelves of the local shops.

A stunning example of nature’s architecture, you can check out Sumidero Canyon’s 3,300-foot (1,000-meter) walls in a lancha (boat) with a guide who will point out some of the canyon’s incredible flora, fauna, and its natural wonders. Mineralized caves, waterfalls of many shapes and sizes, and the awestruck feeling of your own tiny place in the world await you at this natural wonder. Travel the Canyon by boat and discover one of the most spectacular places in Mexico.

This series of breathtaking waterfalls splash and descend over limestone rocks down the Tulijá River, north of San Cristóbal. Fifty-nine wildly colored lakes make up the Lagunas de Montebello National Park and about 15 of them are easily reachable on foot or by car. The varying colors are dependent on each lake’s mineral content as they are believed to have been cenotes that ate away at the limestone bedrock and filled in over time.

As one of Mexico’s most impressive set of ruins, Palenque and its jungle setting are an unmissable experience on your trip to Chiapas. Scientists have learned about this Mayan city’s history through its many hieroglyphic inscriptions and it has some of the most exquisite stone work and relief art. Though the site was buried for years in a massive forest, it’s now yours to explore!

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