Eagle - The Diabetes Ride

Eagle - The Diabetes Ride
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Sun 19 September 2021
Sunday 19 September 2021
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Sponsors: Join us for the 25th annual Diabetes Ride on September 19, 2021.

Welcome to the Diabetes Ride! This year's theme is Luau - come dressed to party Hawaiian style!

*** Due to the unforeseen future of COVID-19 and CDC requirements, we are REQUIRING ONLINE REGISTRATION to ensure the safety of our volunteers and riders. Special circumstance onsite registration will be provided but is limited and not encouraged. ***

The Diabetes Ride started in 1995 as a pledged equestrian trail ride and has been running annually since that time. The Diabetes Ride benefits Idaho Diabetes Youth Programs (dba Camp Hodia), a local nonprofit that since 1978 has been providing camps and programs for children and teens with Type 1 diabetes.

The Idaho Arabian Breeders Association and Southwest Idaho Trail & Distance Riders joined efforts in 1995 to organize The Diabetes Ride. This unique event is a trail ride in the Eagle foothills attracting 200 350 riders every year. Riders can choose between a couple different trail distances that are on private property. Enjoy the trail ride, t-shirt, games and a great BBQ after the ride.

By using our new simple software you can easily raise pledges online to reach more people. When you register online, youll be sent a personal fundraising page. This page will give you the opportunity to send emails to your family, friends and co-workers or post on social media to help raise funds to reach your goal! (1 child going to Camp Hodia costs over $1,000 so that may be a great goal for instance).

***To Register for the Ride & Fund-Raise Online - complete your Mandatory Registration Form by clicking the Tickets button above.*** If you have a PROMO code - click on "Enter promo code" at the top of the page where you choose number/type of tickets before clicking "Checkout".

The Ride Schedule:

8:30 am Check-In Begins

9:00 am First Riders Out. Check Out with Trail Boss at Trailhead

10:30 am Onsite Special Registration Closes

11:00 am Last Horses Out on the Trail

12:00 pm BBQ & Beer Garden Opens. Check Out the Raffle Prizes!

12:45 pm First Raffle Starts (no need to be present to win)

1:15 pm Games Fun for All

1:45 pm Costume Contest Judging

2:00 pm Second Raffle Begins (must be present to win)

2:30 pm BBQ & Silent Auctions Close

2:30 pm Last Chance Raffle (any unclaimed prizes will be re-raffled)

3:00 pm Beer Garden Closes and Event Ends

Day of the Ride:

Wear your Hawaiian or luau style clothes, and join us for a Luau Costume Contest after the ride!! OF COURSE, BRING YOUR OWN HORSE AND SUPPLIES....BLING THEM TOO!!

Equestrians please bring your own horse water.

Since you have registered online, when you arrive, make your way to the check-in table where you will receive your swag bag that will contain your t-shirt, meal ticket, and rider number. You will receive your safety orientation and ride instructions at the Trailhead.

For safety reasons and to relieve congestion, horses ARE NOT allowed in the Event area. Please leave your equine safely tethered to the trailer while you do your paperwork.

The first group of riders will leave at 9:00 am. THIS IS NOT A SPEED OR TIMED EVENT! If you intend to ride, you must be on the trail by 11:00 am and be finished by 2:30 pm to be eligible for raffle prizes.

During the Ride:

The courses are clearly marked and the trails will be labeled with checkpoints. Please observe all posted rules and instructions as outlined in this brochure and included in your registration packet.

Racing or unsafe riding will not be tolerated on the course - careless riding will result in you being asked to leave the ride. Again, this is not a timed event!

A Bit More To Know...

Some Facts About Diabetes:

According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 11% of Americans, or 34.2 million people, have diabetes. More astonishing, however, is that about a third of these people dont know it. Whats more, the Idaho Statesman reports that the CDC estimates that in the US today more than 2 million young people show signs of pre-diabetes. When left uncontrolled, diabetes leads to devastating complications heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, amputations. But when individuals learn how to self-manage their diabetes and control their blood sugars, they cut their risk for complications in half.

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Eagle Foothills
Aerie Ln., Eagle, 83616, ID, US
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Eagle Foothills
Aerie Ln., Eagle, 83616, ID, US
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