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Placement testing at Jefferson is designed to determine your skill level and readiness for college level coursework.  The placement tests are not entrance exams, they are not pass / fail and they are often times necessary for professional advising staff to determine your most appropirate course placement when planning your program of study and classes.  

Jefferson uses ACCUPLACER tests in reading and English, the Michigan English Placement Test for the ESL program, and KYOTE Math College Readiness to assist in determining your proper course placement.  Below is useful information that will help you prepare for your placement tests.

The reading and English tests are untimed, computer-based tests, consisting of mutliple choice and essay formats.  You can find sample questions for the Next-Generation reading test along with sample essays for the English test, WritePlacer at this link:  

The math placement test is computer-based, multiple choice, and is also untimed.  You can find practive exams for Math College Readiness* or College Algebra* at this link:

The Michigan English Placement Test (EPT) is a timed, 80 question, computer-based exam designed to assess your performance in listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, and to determine appropriate placement in the English as a Second Language program or demonstrate college readiness.  You can find useful infomration about the Mighican EPT at the link below.

When you are ready to schedule your placement test choose from the available dates and times.  You will need to decide which one of the two test platforms you would like to use:  ACCUPLACER or Michigan English Placement. (You may not choose both) Along with submitting your name, student ID, and other demographic information, you can tell us (if you already know) which exams you need to take.  After you submit your registration, assessment staff will begin preparing for your visit and tests by adding your name to the testing roster of your chosen date and time, registering your information into the appropriate testing platform,  and generating your test voucher or entry code.  It is very important that you choose the correct ticket type.   DO NOT CHOOSE BOTH TICKET TYPES.  Your ticket type CANNOT be changed on the day of your test.  We look forward to seeing you on your testing day!

If you have any additional questions please contact us at:

*You may use any basic four-function, scientific, or graphing calculator with the exception of calculators with algebra system functionality installed.  If you are unsure if your calculator is allowed, bring it with you on testing day; assessment staff will gladly verify if your calcultor is allowed.  The assessment center does have a selection  of basic four-fuction calculators available that you may borrow in the event you forget yours.

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