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Last update 02/03/2019

DOLLHAUS II is officially up and running and to celebrate we’re very excited to announce a new and exciting explosive painters first exhibition. With over 30 intoxicating energetic paintings by multi disciplinary artist Jasin Cadic this painter plummets you into 2019 with a tremendous collection of works from just one thrilling prolific year 2018-2019. And to put it in pure art terms this work is frankly fucking fantastic. That has to be said again FUCKING FUCKING FANTASTIC. The works hang in an installation created by the visionaire which forces you to calm down and focus on the actual paint throws because your immediately thrown into a raw turbulent wild fever. Looking at Cadics work is almost similar to having a seizure as the contents of the paint keeps you in a kind of frenzied state and your eyes can’t stop moving and the works only continue to thrill and overstimulate the hell out of you. You are literally forced to focus in the created installation by the dim lit space and can appreciate the artists clever careful stage of presentation. Your grateful for the controlled darkened space because of the intense hyperactivity of the paint and your almost contained within the turbulence and confusion but you can’t move. You find yourself suddenly fearful and paranoid but the space brings a calming reassurance.
Cadics paintings are extremely heady stuff with political and social commentary making you nothing but dizzy. The works are overwhelming and powerfully hectic and right there you find it hard to keep up with but you search around the many strong imagery and repetitive paranoid texts, searching for answers only to go a full circle and resign yourself to the thoughts, only provoking further fear and honestly insanity. This is a hard one to define which in itself is perfect and sure you could throw around a bunch of clever kind of relatable art bullshit references and blah blah bloody blah but why bother? It’s new it’s great get the t shirt. This exhibition is worth the ride and this artist is something to get your knickers in a twist over. So hold tight as ladies and gentlemen it’s going to get rather bumpy. Do yourself a favor and get out of New York and time travel to a quirky peninsula called Bayonne, yeah that’s New Jersey. Don’t be afraid it’s DOLLHAUS II the resurrection.

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The Dollhaus II
Cottage Street, Bayonne, New Jersey, United States of America
The Dollhaus II
Cottage Street, Bayonne, New Jersey, United States of America