Irish Network Immigration Round Table

Thursday  8 November  2018  4:30 PM    Thursday  8 November  2018 6:00 PM
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Last update 10/11/2018

Irish Network Seattle and Seattle Irish Immigrant Support are hosting an immigration discusion on Thursday, November 8th from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at Folio Seattle.
Admission is free.
This is an informational event for people born on the island of Ireland, north and south. The information, which is of a general nature, is about obtaining immigration status, maintaining it, and changing it for improvement of status. Our presenter is Tahmina Watson of Watson Immigration Law, Seattle.
“Many people will probably have had some experience with the current immigration system, whether it be processing delays, additional requests for evidence or denials." These issues as well as the various visas that are available will be discussed. Here are some of the talking points:
1. The J-1 Irish Work and Travel (IWT) visa program, including the potential pitfalls and the upcoming changes towards accruing unlawful presence and exposure to the 3 and 10 year bars for overstays.
2. Various types of other temporary work visas in the US, like the H1b for professional occupation workers, E1s and E2s for treaty traders and treaty investors, O1s for extraordinary ability, etc.
3. The visa waiver program and ESTA and it's limitations and restrictions, waiver of rights to a hearing, no extensions or changes to status generally.
4. New USCIS policies being rolled out expanding the ability of USCIS to place applicants for benefits who are denied into deportation proceedings and to deny applications that are not initially filed with sufficient evidence. These new policies will have a big impact on work visa holders applying for extensions, changes of status or permanent residence here.
5. The Diversity Visa lottery and other pathways to obtaining a green card in the US, family based and employment based.

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