Dance 411: Adult Intro to Pole Dance (Beg, Women Only)

Dance 411: Adult Intro to Pole Dance (Beg, Women Only)
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Sat 14 December 2019
Saturday 14 December 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Dance 411: Adult Intro to Pole Dance (Beg, Women Only) 

Dance 411's Intro to Pole Dance!

If you have never experienced dancing or working out on a pole, an intro to pole dancing class can give you a great taste of what the excitement is all about. Let our expert instructors introduce you to the fun and exciting art of pole dancing.

This class teaches sensual movement, body strengthening, toning, increasing flexibility, beginner pole tricks and confidence. It does not matter what your size or fitness level, this class is for you! We provide a safe and non-judgmental environment so everyone feels comfortable in their own skin.

  • Don't need any dance or fitness background!

  • No lotions, oils or body make up should be on the skin before doing pole work

  • No alcohol consumption before or during class; this can be extremely dangerous as you are learning a new way of moving your body even though your feet aren't leaving the floor yet!

  • Wear a tank top as opposed to a t-shirt. You need as much skin exposure as possible, maybe not at first when doing spins but when doing pole work, the less cloth on you, the better!

  • The same for your legs. Wear short workout shorts, 'booty shorts' or 'hot pants' as they are commonly referred to.

  • Bring a bottle of water with you. You will work out and get sweaty! Pole dancing is hard work!

  • Please bring Heels and Knee Pads


What is the refund, change or lateness policy?

There are no refunds at any time. If you are 15-minutes late, you will not be admitted.

How many people will be in class

Up to approximately 27 participants are in the class, subject to change.


Can I reserve a space for someone else

You cannot reserve a space for someone else. Each participant must reserve their own space in class by going though the online reservation system.


I want to come in as a part of a group but don't know how many spaces are remaining in the class that I want. Can someone let me know the number of students currently registered before I reserve my space

Our staff is not able to notify patrons of the current number of registered participants for a class. If the system does not let you register for a particular class, then that class is full. If interested in booking a private class, party or event, please visit or call 404-622-4110.


What do I need to wear to class

Please wear workout attire, such as shorts, or whatever is most comfortable. Please bring Heels and Knee Pads. NO SHOES WITH BLACK SOLES permitted on the dance floor. NO LOTION or OILS before class. Heels highly recommended. 


Is a ticket required for admittance

Yes, you will need a printed ticket or an electronic/mobile version of your ticket, with the barcode clearly showing for at-the-door scanning. DO NOT FORGET YOUR TICKET. Your admittance may be denied, and there are no refunds once you have registered for class. An order confirmation email or a Paypal receipt cannot be used for admittance.


Can I register at the door

No at the door registration for these classes. Online registration only.


What time do I need to arrive

If this is your first class ever at Dance 411, you must arrive a minimum of 15-minutes early to sign your waiver and release, or confirm its previous electronic submission. Our parking lot space is very limited, so please arrive early in anticipation of any parking delays.


I am part of a party or group. Can I bring in any food or beverages

Plastic bottles of water only are allowed in the classroom. No food or drink of any kind (other than water), no glassware, no alcohol. Alcohol, cake and other foods (if authorized by our staff) are only allowed at our private parties and events. If interested in booking a private class, party or event, visit or call 404-622-4110.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Minimum age is 18 to attend the event


The name on the registration/ticket doesn't match the attendee. Is that okay?

No, only the name on the ticket will be allowed into the event.


Is my registration/ticket transferable?

Registered tickets under the attendees name are not transferable.


Can I come in without a ticket and just observe?



Why is Dance 411 so friggin' awesome

Our friggin' awesomeness is the product of lots of learning from trial-and-error over the years, and because of our amazingly dedicated staff who is eager to please our patrons. We are well-known for being the best in dance and fitness eduction . . . for offering new, unique, trend-setting classes and events . . . and for providing a fun and exciting experience for everyone who graces our floors. Our motto is “Dance 411 . . . the Floor is Yours!”


How can I help spread the love about you guys

Please write reviews about us on Google, Kudzu & Yelp! Tell your friends and family about us through social media. Tweet #dance411 and tag @dance411 in your postings. Take Instagram pictures of you and your friends before or after class, and add #dance411 or @dance411 to your photos before posting. These things go a long way in helping us stay on top. Thanks!

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