Corporate Innovation Roadmap (3-Day Program in Silicon Valley)

Corporate Innovation Roadmap (3-Day Program in Silicon Valley)
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From Mon 10 August 2020 to Thu 13 August 2020
From Monday 10 August 2020 to Thursday 13 August 2020
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Innovation is the key to growth and competition for the 21st century organization. Innovation involves adoption of an idea, process, technology, product, service, or business model that improves upon the previous model.
In this exclusive innovative Corporate Innovation 3 Day Program, you will learn how innovative companies in Silicon Valley have succeeded in changing themselves while implementing innovative business models, solutions, and products.
You will visit top Silicon Valley innovative companies and disruptive startups and learn their best practices for corporate innovation.
Hear the insider stories about implementing corporate incubation and corporate investment strategies and the best practices to boost innovation within the companies across different industries and markets.
Learn from empirical cases of innovation management from top executives of innovative companies of Silicon Valley.
Take an insider’s look at companies innovative cultures and discover their know hows & strategies of building a Silicon Valley-like innovative culture inside their companies.
Get insights and practical advice from our Speakers Night panelists - top experts in corporate innovation and experience a real Silicon Valley networking with local entrepreneurs, VCs, startups and corporate executives.
Discover the uniqueness of Silicon Valley, experience first-hand the transformative power of corporate innovation to bring the spirit and lessons of disruptive innovation to your company!



Module 1: Navigating Disruption: How to Manage Corporate Innovation 

Module 2: Growing Internal Startups: Best Practices of Corporate Incubation. 

Module 3: Corporation as a VC: Best Practices of Corporate Investment 

Module 4: Building Innovative Culture Inside the Corporation 

Module 5. Innovative Product Development (Startup Bootcamp)  

Module 6. Building your Company's Innovative Roadmap. Mentoring Session 


Participating Companies:

In the course of this program you will meet following companies:

Uber, Lyft, Zappos, Facebook, Google, Tesla, 

Amazon, Netflix, Intuit, Microsoft, HP, SAP, Oracle, Cisco, 

Samsung, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Google,

Silicon Valley Startup Accelerators and Venture Capital Funds

This 3 Day Corporate Innovation Roadmap program includes: educational practical workshops, company visits, speaker talks, networking events, startup presentations and transportation.


Meet Silicon Valley corporate executives, mentors, and corporate innovation experts.

Experience Silicon Valley networking with meeting local founders, startups, and entrepreneurs.

This is the best way to learn about corporate innovation, build new connections, and meaningful partnerships.


Please contact to inquire about on-demand dates and quotes for your group. 










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