HOW TO CONQUER FEAR! (A New Perspective on Letting go of our Fears)

Sunday  18 February  2018  1:00 PM    Sunday  18 February  2018 3:00 PM
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Last update 19/02/2018

One of the first things we were deliberately taught to do as humans is to FEAR.

Whether it is rational or irrational, we have all experienced the paralytic effects of fear in many aspects of our lives. The fear of others, the fear of change, the fear of time, ...etc, are rooted in very specific gaps in our knowledge of Who We REALLY are. Many of us are ruled by fears that we do not even know that we possess because of how we have misinterpreted those feelings as normal, in spite of its negative impact in our lives.

This seminar's clear intent is to fill in these gaps with a new perspective & understanding of what FEAR really is and the simple ways that we can overcome it.

Harry Ogbogu's teachings will expand and strengthen your CLARITY, CERTAINTY and the TRUTH of who you really are. This new KNOWING is the key to living that life that you know that you deserve!

Begin your path to MASTERY over areas of your LIFE with insights and clarity via an interactive Q&A portion of the Seminar.

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