SOLD OUT - Just Breathe ~ Full Day Retreat

Saturday  11 May  2019  9:00 AM    Saturday  11 May  2019 5:30 PM
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Last update 12/05/2019

Join Us for a full day of inner alchemy healing. The journey of self-reflection and personal introspection are the greatest benefits to spiritual growth in the healing arts practice of Divine Energy.
For those who cannot attend our Full weekend retreat, a wonderful opportunity for you could be to attend our Full Day Inner Alchemy Retreat.
Our Full Day Retreat offers a wonderful combo of breakfast & lunch ~ a yummy mid morning brunch indeed.
Our Alchemy retreat consist of many healing modalities and energetic activations for the ultimate mind & body detox. It’s time to play and let your light shine for the day. Leave it to us to wash your yesterday away and fill you with a renewed sense of purpose and spiritual acceleration.
Here you will find solitude in breath and joy in the silence. These healing practices will shift your internals to purge the body, and elevate your frequency to a new level of resonance.
Stormy Lake specializes in opening the pathway through eastern practices, vibrational spirit medicine and energy medicine modalities, helping others gain freedom in there personal journey with ease.
Come and receive a day of personal healing. We deliver wholeness, providing a positive atmosphere for you to regain focus and gain new strength for personal well-being through our intention process and vibrational medicine.

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