Breakfast with Strangers - Nov 2018 AM Meetups

Wednesday  21 November  2018  7:30 AM    Wednesday  21 November  2018 9:00 AM
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Last update 22/11/2018

Do you want authentic relationships? Do you dislike going to big networking events where all you do is exchange business cards and small talk? Usually, we are a small group (5-15 people) so you have an opportunity to really get to know all of the people that come. If you like spending time with people that are interested in really getting to know you and figuring out how we can help, then the Breakfast with Strangers community is for you.
We meet each week, because solid relationship take time and consistency to build. Once a month networking does not really help you form lasting relationships. And we want to become your friend. We are all about REAL connections and REAL conversations. So check us out. We think you will enjoy our group.
NOTICE: Because so many people have signed up for our events and then don't show, we have implemented a refundable reservation fee. The establishments where we meet reserve enough room to accommodate our group based on the number of people that register. So it hurts the business when they have reserved space and people do not show up. We hope implementing this refundable reservation fee will cut down on the number of people that register and then don't show. This fee will be refunded to you after the event if you attend which makes this a Buy Your Own event. You MUST register on Eventbrite in order for us to reserve a seat for you.
We like to say "You are only a Stranger the first time to come after that.... you are our friend."

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161 N Jefferson St, Chicago, Illinois 60661
161 n jefferson st, chicago, 60661
161 N Jefferson St, Chicago, Illinois 60661
161 n jefferson st, chicago, 60661