Blockchain W4B Memphis Hackathon

Friday  26 April  2019  8:00 AM    Sunday  28 April  2019 12:00 PM
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Last update 18/11/2018

The W4B Hackathon 

Friday April 26

8:00am -5:00pm- Learning Hub

Workshops and Talks by leading Blockchain companies and thought leaders

Friday 5:00pm - 9:00pm Team Formations, Mentors introductions and pairing

Saturday April 27

8:00am-10:00pm - Hackathon

Creative CryptoSpaces for you to chill, have fun and socialize

Sunday April 28



All days, food is included into your ticket price

For full schedule please visit our site 


Inviting all developers, network engineers, IT/systems analysts, UX/UI Designers,  business analysts, project managers, managers, directors, lawyers, and students* . All participants can prepare for the Hackathon through Learning Hub conducted on Friday by leading blockchain companies and thought leaders.

During the Hackathon, we will have mentors to help guide you through your project.  Each team must have 1 person for business, 1 for legal and 1 for technical and have up to 6 members.  

You have to build in the following tracks

Supply Chain Track

SCM track should tackle a use case from supply chain. This track is great for business people, legal and tech who work in supply chain industry.  Eg: track and trace of a material or product across a supply chain

Banking/Fintech Track

Banking and Fintech track should work on solving problems that current banking system presents or improving existing banking processes for cheaper more efficient money transaction. This track is great for business and legal folks work in Finance department or work for a bank.  Eg: peer to peer payments

Mining Track

This is a new track that has never been done before.  We are looking for a hardware mining companies that will provide hardware to build a mining machine to mine cryptocurrency. This track is great for network engineers, hardware engineers, and anyone who likes to build with their hands.


Hackers can either create their own teams or ask to be assigned to a team if your friends/colleagues can’t attend.

Voting is on blockchain!

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Fedex Institute of Technology
365 Innovation Dr, Memphis, TN 38152, Memphis, 38152, TN, United States
Fedex Institute of Technology
365 Innovation Dr, Memphis, TN 38152, Memphis, 38152, TN, United States