Digital Revolution - How Blockchain is Changing the World!

Thursday  29 August  2019  6:00 PM    Thursday  29 August  2019 8:00 PM
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Last update 30/08/2019

Technology is advancing at tremendous speed, but how is society catching up with it? Are we using effeciently the technology already available?

....and what the heck is blockchain? 

All your questions will be answered by Mark Homeier, CEO at Maxonrow, who will share how companies like Maxonrow are bringing it all together!

About this Event

Mark Homeier and his team will be attending the #MaxOnWorld GlobalMeetup in New York City to share their mission to become the main blockchain platform solution for governments and enterprises worldwide, through the right mix of secure, cost-effective, efficient operations and regulatory compliance.

Join us for a private networking event with food and drinks hosted by Maxonrow.

To attend send the following information to +

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-Phone Number.

About Maxonrow

Established in 2018, Maxonrow is the first network in the world that will connect societies, governments, and businesses with the digital economy through blockchain technology. Maxonrow’s core Blockchain is a mainchain with mandatory KYC verification which is integrated across all products. Our unique approach allows decentralized assets to be exchanged without sacrificing regulatory oversight.Maxonrow’s mainchain is powered by a high-throughput transactional chain, transparent and predictable transaction fee structure, user issued tokens, and a secure validator management system. Whether you are an individual, a small business, a financial institution, an NGO or a government, Maxonrow can help you achieve your goals through innovative blockchain technology solutions. For more information, please visit



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